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Top 5 eco-friendly cities: how do they do that?

The development and advancement in technology that we enjoy have not come with a price to pay. Technological advancements and population increase are now some of the most significant factors that affect us and the earth’s sustainability. As we continue to release harmful gases and produce more waste, the earth is in more danger now than before.

The good thing is that we realize the impacts of what we are doing, and some are fighting this. Many countries are now looking towards ways to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These countries/cities don’t just put it in mind, but they have worked towards it. Now they have been able to create a green environment for themselves, and it is perfect for their living. The people in these cities aren’t just playing their part in protecting and conserving the heart; they also benefit from it. 

Just in case you are wondering, there are many such green cities in different countries of the world. This article discusses 5 of them and how they were able to go green.

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