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13 Water Conservation Habits to Teach Your Kids

When kids are about to run out of their phone battery life, they panic. They look for their chargers, get them plugged in asap, and then breathe a sigh of relief that they can continue to text.

These same kids don’t panic over a near-empty empty water bottle. They just dump out what is left, throw the bottle away, and then pop another one out of the frig. There is no shortage of water like there was that battery charge. At least not in their worlds.

But what if water was in short supply? In many places around the globe, it actually is, but kids in developed nations have never experienced this first-hand. There is, therefore, no mindfulness that should lead to the conservation of this valuable and diminishing resource.

We need to teach our kids to conserve water for the sake of our planet’s future. Here are thirteen ways to do this right now:

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