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Water is the essential life force that keeps us and all living things alive. That is why you should always have a reusable water bottle handy, especially when planning outdoor activities. Sure, you can buy a bottle of water at a store, but you’ll be wasting money and creating more trash. 

What Makes a Great Water Bottle?

When selecting a water bottle, you want to get one that is right for you and fits your lifestyle. A great water bottle will be easy to use, portable, and leak-proof. If you spend more time outside, consider other factors like durability, insulation, and weight. 

Whether preparing for a backpacking trip to one of the best cities for hiking or visiting the neighborhood pool, here are the best water bottles for outdoor activities.

Vapur Anti-Bottle For the Trendsetter

At first glance, you wouldn’t even know the Vapur Anti-Bottle was a water bottle. The bottle, if you could call it that, resembles an enlarged sandwich bag, or maybe even a heating pad. It stands up when filled and folds up flat when empty. It comes in several sizes, holding up to 50 ounces. It’s also attachable, so you can hang it from your bag, making it hands-free. While the Anti-Bottle is not insulated, it is freezable. The Vapur Anti-Bottle comes in many colors and styles to match your personality. 

Hydration Packs to Wear On the Go

Hydration packs are great for the person who needs water on the go and the use of their hands. Simply fill the pouch with water, zip it up, and wear it like a backpack. A straw will fall on your shoulder, making it easy to drink water and multitask. These backpacks have “bladders” that will freeze when it’s very cold and won’t stay cold when it’s very hot, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. They hold up to around 100 ounces of water.

Vapur Chill Insulated Water Bottle to Stay Cool

The creators of the Anti-Bottle have just released the New Chill Insulated Water Bottle, designed to keep your water cold for 12 hours (or your coffee hot for 8 hours). This double steel wall insulated bottle is the perfect companion for someone who likes to spend an afternoon playing sports at the park or take long morning hikes. The Vapur Insulated Water Bottle features a lockable lid to prevent spillage and an EZ Flow spout to optimize drinking. 

Bidons For Bicyclists 

A bidon, or a cyclist water bottle, is made for quick and easy use. While it may look like a simple plastic squeeze bottle, many companies have developed double-insulated bottles to ensure water stays cooler on long rides. Cyclist water bottles can be attached to a bike with a water bottle holder and easily snap on and off as you use it.

Leak-Proof Bottles for Go-Getters

The on-the-go person throwing their water bottle into a backpack or gym bag should consider a leak-proof water bottle. While spill-proof bottles are great for preventing major spills, leak-proof bottles use a vacuum seal to prevent water from escaping from the cap. 

Eco-Friendly Bottles Help the Environment

More and more water bottle companies are designing bottles with the earth in mind. Live a greener life by selecting a reusable water bottle or one made of recycled materials like paper and glass. It would take an estimated 450 years for a forgotten plastic water bottle to decompose, and if water is trapped inside, it is wasted. If you ever see an abandoned bottle with water inside, pour water out to release it back to the earth.  

Vapur Kid's 0.4L Anti-Bottle Small Enough For the Kiddos

Vapur offers smaller Anti-Bottles designed specifically for children. The Kid’s 0.4 liter Anti-Bottle is small enough for children’s hands to grasp easily. The cap is easy to unscrew and the bottles come in kid-friendly designs that make drinking water fun. The Vapur Kid’s Water Bottle can also attach to a backpack with a carabiner or clip so you won’t have to worry about them losing the bottles outside.

Vapur EZ Lick Dog Water Bottle For Long Walks

You can have a water bottle just for your dog with the EZ Lick Dog Water Bottle. The water bottle designers at Vapur thought of ways to keep your four-legged friend hydrated on outdoor adventures without the hassle of carrying around an extra bowl. To use the Vapur EZ Lick Dog Water Bottle, twist the cap and lightly squeeze it near your dog’s mouth. They’ll lap up the water and you can easily collapse the bottle once you’re done.

Drinking one liter, or 33 ounces, of water every two hours is a good rule of thumb for hiking. For example, if you plan a five-hour hike, pack 2.5 liters of water. So, if you consistently go on longer hikes, a bigger, lightweight water bottle is best for you. That’s why finding the best water bottle for you and your lifestyle is important because everyone has different priorities and uses. Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do for your body, especially when outside in the hot sun. 



Gina Thompson is an experienced multimedia journalist, producer, and content writer born and raised in Texas. In her spare time, she loves catching a live band, dancing, and finding the next big taco spot. As a writer, she is passionate about making a positive impact on her community by elevating the voices and stories that need to be heard.

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