Vapur Hydration Station

The Vapur Hydration Program keeps people healthy and hydrated by offering easy access to clean, safe water via refill stations, while promoting the use of reusable water bottles and reducing waste.


The Vapur Hydration Program launched in 2012. 

With the end goal of making clean drinking water more readily available and reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles across the United States, the Vapur Hydration Program includes both the sale of Vapur refill stations (manufactured by Elkay) and Vapur's reusable Anti-Bottle both at special program pricing for participants.

Billions of bottles of water are consumed globally every year and fewer than 20-percent are recycled—the vast majority of disposable bottles end up as plastic waste in landfills. The Vapur Hydration Program is making an impact and reducing this staggering statistic with over 1 million single-use bottles saved from landfills.


Vapur Refill Stations

Vapur Refill Stations are springing up in state and national parks, colleges and universities, K-12 schools, as well as travel and hospitality destinations across the country. Program adopters not only reduce the waste created by disposable water bottles, but also help refuel the nation. Now more than ever, it's important to kick the disposable bottle habit and stay healthy by keeping hydrated.With the Vapur Hydration Program, safe drinking water is more portable and accessible than ever.

If you're interested in having the Vapur Hydration Program at your facility, email for more information.

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