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Writing a Sustainable Action Plan for Your Business: 7 Steps

The transformation to a more sustainable business includes changes in the company culture, processes, and values. A notable internal change such as this one demands an action plan to guide you through it. This leads us to the importance of writing a sustainable action plan.

A sustainable action plan is a document that outlines your plan for a sustainable design. Having this plan set in place will provide you with a strategy and methodology to turn theory on sustainability into achievable practices.

Writing a clear, instructive, and informative plan will make the implementation of new practices and policies easier and manageable.

Here are the essential steps you need to take that will lead you to an effective sustainable action plan.

1. Define Areas of Improvement

A sturdy foundation for a realistic, sustainable action plan lies in proper assessment. You need to define where you should direct your sustainability actions.

To decide on areas of improvement, you can:

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