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Running Water Bottle
Running is still one of the most popular sports in the world, giving rise to endless debates about form and preparation. Although, one thing that experts agree is a must for any serious runner is maintaining proper hydration. Unfortunately, running with a water bottle can be awkward and inconvenient. Finding a water bottle that doesn't interfere with a morning jog or trail run is an important consideration for serious runners.Fortunately, many water bottle options now exist. Some hand-carried water bottles come with ergonomic handles, allowing the runner to avoid hand cramps and the distraction that pain brings. In most cases, allowing the user to run freely and naturally.Multi-bottle belts and other carrying systems allow the runner to be prepared to tackle long treks. Bags and packs also serve the same purpose, and these are designed for easy portability to keep from interfering with a runner's movement. The runner may need to try several systems before deciding on the right option for them.Bottles come in various materials. Some are insulated to keep liquids warm or cold. Of course, water is the usually the officially recommended beverage, but some bottles can handle soda and juices as well. Aluminum-lined, glass and metal, and various combinations of plastic are popular materials for the bottles, with some being vacuum models. And, looks do count, with bright colors and sleek designs available, so users can look good while staying hydrated.No matter what your bottle of choice is, make sure it's reusable! The number of bottles discarded each year has hit record numbers, and only a small percentage reach recycling plants. The toil on the environment is incalculable, so purchasing and using a reusable bottle is important.Though many theories of running and physical fitness are put forth daily, the one thing experts do agree on is the importance of hydration during exercise. Becoming dehydrated has numerous ill effects upon the runner, including lowered performance, lack of concentration, and mood impairment. These effects are well-documented and must be taken seriously.All physical activity requires that a person stay hydrated in order to perform at the optimum level and to avoid negative physiological effects. Finding the right running water bottle makes it easy for the athlete to stay hydrated and on the move. Also, buying a water bottle that can be used and reused is helpful to the environment. Already, the sheer quantity of disposable water bottles has littered the landscape and caused unnecessary damage. Running is great, but running with a quality, reusable water bottle is even better.
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