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A Hydrated Workout

When we exercise, a lot of us just grab a disposable water bottle and head for the treadmill or the jogging path. Disposable bottles are expensive to buy and bad for the environment because so many of them are never recycled. Additionally, most water bottles are made with harmful chemicals that can get into our bloodstreams.When purchasing water bottles, buyers should look for BPA free versions that are made in the USA, like Vapur. Since BPA free bottles are no more expensive than those with the harmful chemicals, there is no logical reason to expose ourselves to the risk of BPA-filled product.Vapur water bottles, also called "Anti-Bottles," come in many colors, different cap variations and the company also offers a customization service through overprinting on the bottles for a nominal fee. Vapur Anti-Bottles also come with their own carabiner, making them easily attachable so you can keep your hands free!Staying hydrated is necessary for safe and effective physical exertion. The point of working out is to be healthy, so not drinking enough water during the process can be counter-productive. Becoming dehydrated can cause confusion, muscle-spasms and other unpleasant symptoms. Regular sips from a Vapur water bottle can prevent this problem and make working out more pleasant. Anything that helps keep us hydrated while we are physically active is a plus.Getting the right water bottle can make all the difference in a person’s workout routine. Vapur Anti-Bottles, with water or other refreshing beverages, help people to keep plugging away through their daily exercise, replenishing all the fluids they are losing through healthy sweat. Getting rid of disposable water bottles is good for the environment and the individual. Drink up!

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