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Pura Vida
Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Anna Levesque.Hydration is essential every day, but especially when traveling on airplanes. The dry, recirculating cabin air sucks the moisture out of our bodies and the little cups of water the flight attendants offer just don’t cut it. I’ve been traveling on international kayaking trips for over 18 years and I’ve traveled with many a bulky, awkward water bottle that takes up too much room in my bags.So it was refreshing this year to travel with my Vapur Anti-Bottles to Costa Rica where I run whitewater kayaking and yoga trips for women. Vapur water bottles are so easy to pack and carry and don’t take up any room in my carry-on luggage. They’re easy to stow through security and ready to be filled on the other side so that I can stay plenty hydrated during the flight to San Jose.
There are many reasons why I love to run kayaking trips in Costa Rica: Sunshine, exciting whitewater, clear blue rivers, toucans, fresh coffee, morning yoga, latin dancing, and Caribbean style rice and beans – just to name a few! We had 23 ladies over two trips join us on adventures on the Sarapiqui and Pacuare Rivers this year. Our paddling chicas came from as far away as France, Germany and Canada, as well as from across the US – Idaho, Cali, Alaska, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Carolina.My favorite part of the trips is our two-night stay at Jungle Camp on the Lower Pacuare. I love falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle and the river rushing by. Teaching morning yoga surrounded by lush, colorful plants and flowers reminds me of how rich and abundant our planet and our lives are. The rivers and Costa Rican culture remind me to go with the flow and that makes it easy to step into the present moment and enjoy every instant.This is why I love kayaking so much. The river has so many things to teach us, not only about maneuvering through its cascading waters, but also about navigating the currents of our own lives living in the present moment. I’m pretty sure this is what Costa Ricans mean when they say, ‘Pura Vida!
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