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Free Yourself From BPA
According to the FDA, the chemical BPA is considered safe in the low amounts present in some plastic products, including the linings in soda and food cans. BPA has been removed from many items, but is still present in many things that are used daily by the average person. Studies suggest that BPA can cause heart arrhythmia, certain types of cancer or even fertility problems. Enough evidence exists to make choosing BPA free products the wiser and healthier path to pursue.Replacing these BPA-filled plastic bottles with glass can get rid of the risk, but then there's the added worry of the bottle dropping and the glass breaking. The best option is to go with a plastic bottle that's made using completely BPA free materials. Options like Vapur's Anti-Bottles are flexible, durable and 100% BPA free.People who pursue physical activities must keep themselves properly hydrated. To do so safely, they should choose a BPA free water bottle. These models are plentiful on most sporting good sites and come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from the most basic models to cutting-edge products with the latest options. Purchasers do need to check and make certain that the items are marked BPA free or lack the Code 7 designation, which sometimes indicates that it may contain BPA.Some cooking items and food storage bags also contain the chemical, but BPA free versions of these items exist. Even some food packaging can transfer BPA to the food, making fresh fruits and vegetables the safest choice. In fact, avoiding this chemical is easier than consumers think: it just requires vigilance and a little basic knowledge.The possible negative effects of BPA are now well-known, and many manufacturers have addressed the problem by completely eliminating this chemical from their products. Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe consumer products, but being educated and aware is the safest route to making sure no harmful chemicals, like BPA, leech into you or your family's food or drinks.
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