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4 Outdoor Adventures in the Southeastern US You Can't Miss

If you're looking to go on a unique adventure that's as close as a five-hour plane ride, then you have to check out the Southeastern US. With epic landscapes and fascinating outdoor attractions, the Southeastern US holds more than just sweet tea and creaky old plantations. The weather is generally mild for most of the year, and you can experience the best of all four seasons, making the Southeast a truly top-tier destination for thrill seekers and nature lovers. Read on to find out about the four outdoor adventures in the Southeastern US that you can't miss. 

1. Paddle the Congaree River, South Carolina

Paddling the Congaree River is a unique experience because it combines so many things that you'll love in terms of outdoor adventures while also giving you a chance to explore an urban environment. With fifty miles of river to travel on, you will start in the capital of South Carolina and work your way to Congaree National Park. There are a number of Hampton Inns in Columbia SC, so you won't have to worry about accommodation before you begin your journey. 

Some of the sights you'll see while paddling the river include: 

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