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15 Best Active Date Ideas for Fitness Loving Couples

In a busy and hectic working schedule, it is so difficult to find time to spend it with your significant other. Family, kids, daily routine, and other things keep our attention while working out and some romantic time spending can be pushed aside. To fix the situation and kill two birds with one stone, you could come up with a fitness and dating idea.

You will have time with your significant other, and you will be able to work out. You can check out some of the ideas in the article, some of them might be appealing to you and your partner. This article also includes ideas on what to do on the first date with someone from fitness dating sites or any other sports-themed platforms.

Fitness Trail Date

If you have a fitness trail in your neighborhood, then you are definitely a lucky person. It is a special paved road where you can walk. It is equipped with different working-out stations. So you could walk with your partner from one station to another, chat and have time together. It is more complicated than simply walking, so you can actually maintain a fit body.


It seems to be a perfect idea. Running alone might be less fun for some people. Or if you don’t have special roads for runners and it is a bit scary to run alone. So it could become a great way to spend time with your partner.

As you might know, running is effective when you run over half an hour. So you could have some daily runs with your partner that would last for an hour or so. You can’t talk while running since you have to concentrate on your breathing, but in between active periods of running, you can talk and bond more.

Attend Gym Classes

If you and your partner have a membership in a gym, then you don’t even have to figure out what to do. Just choose a gym class you might like and attend it with your partner. Just follow the instructions of a teacher and you will have a perfect fitness date.

Go to Mountains

There are two options - camping or going mountain biking. The first option might take away all your day, so it should be considered. But going mountain biking is much simpler. Just make sure you both have bikes for mountains, simple models won’t fit. You can always rent those bikes.

Roller / Ice Skating

It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend time with someone. In fact, even if you have just met someone with the help of some websites, like, you could have a second or third date while roller or ice skating. Plus, it is a great workout, it only seems to be easy. You won’t say that the next day when your legs will be burning! But that’s good.

Rock Climbing

If you don’t have mountains near you, it’s not a problem. There are special inside stations where you can have fun while rock climbing. There are instructors, so you and your partner would know what to do.

Lifting Weights

This activity is pretty good at training the body and it allows you to talk with your partner while you work out. The good thing is that you could use your backyard, any room at home, go to the gym, etc. So finding a place won’t be a problem.

Subscribe To Dance Classes

There are different types of dances, but most of them mean that you have to sweat a lot. Dancing isn’t easy. When you watch someone dancing, it is really beautiful. But not many people think how much effort these beauty causes. So you can attend classes with your partner, work out, and bond even more.

Depending on the level of your relationships, you could choose different types of dancing. For example, if you are attending classes with your spouse, you could choose more passionate types of dances. Or if you are at the early stages of dating, you could choose some other types of classes.

On Water Activities

This is surely an active type of date. First, it requires a lot of physical activity, so you definitely have some working out time. Second, you still have a date within a romantic setting. It is fun and enjoyable, plus you will have time to bond. So consider renting a canoe or a kayak and go have fun.


You might not have expected this idea, but it is fun, so why not? If you don’t have a trampoline at home, that’s definitely not a problem. You could visit a special trampoline park and have fun with your partner. It only seems that it is easy to jump, but it requires some working out. You will even be able to shape your body like that.

On Snow Activities

If it is winter, or you have special parks in your city, skiing or boarding would be a great idea. If you think it won’t be a romantic date, you are wrong. After hours of skiing or snowboarding, exhausting yourself, and being in the cold, you could find a secluded spot in a cafe and drink some hot chocolate. Or mulled wine (spiced wine), which is even better!


Instead of going for a walk, you can make the task more difficult. If walking in a park doesn’t seem to be challenging for you and your partner, choose hiking. You will enjoy the fresh air, the workout, and the time spent together alone.

Tennis / Ping Pong / Other Similar Sports

It’s a fun way to spend time with your partner. You will have time in between the game so you could bond more. It is not as easy as it seems to play tennis or other similar sports, so you will be able to work out too.


If you live near a river or the sea, you will enjoy this activity. First, it requires a lot of physical effort to stand on the board and not to fall. Second, you both can enjoy the nice weather and warm water. So worth to try it.


It is less active but brings relaxation and peace to mind. You can invite your spouse or partner to a yoga class and have a great time together. You don’t even have to visit yoga classes, you can find some tutorials and bond at home while working out.


Now you can choose from any type of activity you have read above. Depending on your needs and preferences, you could choose less or more active types of activities. That way you could work out a bit and spend time with your significant other.


Sandra Manson is a passionate journalist who has been contributing to major media publications. She enjoys writing about human psychology and lifestyle. Sandra also runs her blog where she covers topics of great interest in modern society.

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