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Why 2020 Should Be Your Year For Resolutions

Did you know that 80% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions fail by the time February has begun? Research has found that resolutions often fail due to the person not being ready for change or taking on too much. It’s better to make resolutions that you are passionate about and don’t require a heavy lift so you can make the change you want to see. If being environmentally-conscious is important to you, then consider making your 2020 resolution all about ways to better the planet!

A sure-fire way to ensure that you stick to your resolutions is to set smaller, attainable goals and to keep track of them regularly. To do this, get yourself a journal or planner and set goals on a monthly, quarterly, or seasonal basis.

Winter/Spring Goals:

The first few months of the year gives a refreshing feeling. It’s the end of winter and the start of spring, so while the earth around us is blooming, we want to enact the feeling of a new start too. When you’re spring cleaning this year, consider taking time to reduce all the plastic around your home for good.

1.     It’s time to ditch all of the single-use plastic water bottles in your house. Get reusable bottles for the whole family to save on tons of plastic waste and money spent at the store weekly.

2.     Make your own cleaning products instead of buying them in-store. Not only do cleaning products come in wasteful plastic bottles, but they are also filled with toxic chemicals. Natural items from your pantry, like vinegar and baking soda, can go a long way around the house!

3.     When you look inside your bathroom cabinet, what do you see? Your answer is probably a lot of necessary self-care and health items that might be wasteful. Reconsidering the items you purchase is vital to reducing the plastic around your house. Buy daily contacts that use less plastic or glass floss containers that can be refilled.

Summer/Autumn Goals:

This is the time of year when the weather is best, so getting outside in nature helps care for the environment and your health! And now that you’ve cleaned up the inside of your home, you can make goals to tackle while you’re outside too.

1.     Committing to alternate modes of transportation is a way to reduce your carbon footprint on a regular basis. Instead of driving everywhere, consider biking or rollerblading instead. Even if it’s just once a week when you go to work or when you go run an errand on the weekend, try to make a habit of driving less this year.

2.     Organic gardening helps protect the environment and creates a little ecosystem in your home’s garden. You’ll no longer have to worry about driving to the store and buying produce that often comes in wasteful packaging. The summer is a great time to join nature and begin harvesting your own produce to enjoy every day!

3.     Getting outside to exercise can help you build a respectful relationship with nature. Whether it’s playing a sport in the park or hiking, spending time outdoors in the fresh air will make you want to better your lifestyle for the environment around you.

Autumn/Winter Goals:

The end of the year usually brings colder weather, shorter days, and more time spent indoors. This is a great time to make sure your home is eco-friendly and ready for winter!

1.     During the winter, take the time to program your thermostat to coordinate with your schedule. You won’t have to think twice when it comes to keeping the heat low if you’re out of the house or while you’re sleeping. Not only will you save money on your gas and electric bill, you’ll feel better that your house is more green!

2.     With the shorter days, the lights around your house will be used more than usual. To ensure that your energy output remains low, switch all of your bulbs to LED ones. LED lights are more eco-friendly because only 5% of their output is wasted as heat. They have become so popular in recent years that the color and light they give off, as well as the price, is comparable to other bulbs on the market.

3.     Making green updates to your home can add value to your house. Things like solar panels, new windows, and energy-efficient insulation will help the planet, your wallet, and any potential future owners of the house!

When you break down your year into more digestible time frames and set sustainable and attainable goals for each, you’ll see success with your resolutions! In 2020, make your lifestyle change about more than just yourself to truly better the planet and the lives of those around you.

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