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Top Eco-Friendly Travel Products to Bring on Your Next Trip

When visiting another city or country, the last thing we want to do is leave anything behind. That includes our carbon footprint. Doing your part to help the environment is an integral part of exploring our world and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. There are plenty of eco-friendly items you can pack that won’t weigh you down. Check out these top eco-friendly travel products to bring on your next trip.

1. Flexible Water Bottles

There’s no need to pollute the world with more plastic. As any eco-friendly blog will tell you, only 8% of the world’s plastic gets recycled. The rest ends up in our landfills and oceans. A collapsible bottle fits in your backpack or suitcase easily and is readily available when you need it. Traveling by plane? Don’t bother packing it. You’ll need plenty of water while traveling.

2. Solar Light Sources

If you’re going to be outside, why not take advantage of the natural power of the sun? It’s easy to allow the solar panels to charge during the day while out hiking or enjoying the outdoors. Soak up the sunlight and then use that power well into the night. Bring along the MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Solar Lantern that doesn’t need heavy batteries. This lantern can attach to a bicycle, sit on a table, or hang around your neck or ceiling for an extra boost of light.

3. Organic Soaps and Lotions

Many soaps and lotions contain harsh chemicals. Choosing an organic option will help cut down on the chemicals you add to the environment. Some locations have even banned certain sunscreens to help preserve coral reefs. Packing natural toothpaste, soap, lotion, and sunscreen on your next trip is vital to saving the environment.

4. Bamboo Utensils

Carrying around your own set of utensils will ensure you're never caught looking for a spoon or fork. Some bamboo travel utensils come in a convenient carrying case and are super lightweight. Don’t forget the reusable straws. They also eliminate the need for disposable utensils when you dine out. An added bonus? Reusable bamboo utensils also keep the BPA found in plastic out of your mouth.

5. Solar Phone Charger

We all carry phones around. Bringing your phone on your travels is part of capturing the experience. Don’t let a dwindling phone battery put a damper on your excursions. Invest in a solar phone charger to be sure you always have enough power even when there are no outlets in sight. This is also a safety item for anyone traveling along in the wilderness.

6. Portable Wine Bag

This modern-day convenience will make your backpacking trip or hike so much more enjoyable. It’s flexible enough to fit in your suitcase or backpack and is much easier to carry than a glass bottle. You also won’t have to worry about disposing of anything when you’re finished.  

7. Cloth Bags

This is a must-pack item for an eco-friendly traveler. You’ll be bringing home souvenirs, but you don’t need to bring home all the plastic and paper bags that come with them. Make sure you have plenty of reusable bags to store all those valuable memories.

It’s just as important to be eco-friendly about the products you bring home, especially when souvenier shopping. You can help by buying only local crafts and supporting the people in the state or country you’re visiting.

Doing your part to help the environment is an integral part of exploring our world and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. These eco-friendly travel products to bring on your next trip.

Laura Dexter is an avid hiker and runner who travels around the country, taking part in marathons and 10ks throughout the year. When she’s not writing about her races or travels, you’ll find her hiking in Colorado with her husband and three children.




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