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Vapur Partners with RandomKid to Raise Funds for Safe Water Wells Worldwide!
Kids all across the country are now making a splash in the war on bottled water—and beyond! Vapur has joined forces with RandomKid to arm the public with the Anti-Bottle.RandomKid is a nonprofit that was co-founded in 2005. Since then, 10 year-old Talia Leman united kids in a national campaign to raise over $10 million for Hurricane relief. RandomKid now works to harness the world’s best source of renewable energy—kids!—empowering them to become world problem-solvers and directly impact local and global needs.Hatched from a young mind in Florida, RandomKid has turned to selling Vapur Anti-Bottles to help reduce oil dependency, eliminate landfill waste and raise funds to support safe water wells worldwide.Fundraising is already underway in Alabama, Texas, and Washington D.C., with RandomKid getting ready to open the floodgates in Idaho, Hawaii, California, Colorado and Florida. The goal is to raise $2 million and to expand the program to kids and schools within all 50 states. With hundreds of kids already involved, things are taking off fast!Fun, colorful and committed to the cause, kids are the perfect ally to help the Vapur mission to raise global awareness about the water crisis. Early reports tell us that many of the kids involved are creating their own tags to accompany the Anti-Bottles and tell their story.***The photo above was provided by Mr. Tuggle's 7th Grade Science Class at Gulf Shores Middle School.Are you a school wanting to participate in this fundraiser? Email to find out how you can help.
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