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Hydrated New Year!
As many of us know, the New Year seems to be the designated time to start working on the new you! Well, we think you’re great the way you are, but we have an easy resolution (one that you can actually keep) and by doing so, a healthier, more energetic, more radiant you will surely follow.Want to know the easiest resolution you can make for 2011?It’s simple: DRINK MORE WATER.Just by staying hydrated, a ton benefits can come your way this New Year. See below for a list of just a few.Lose weight: Water helps you lose weight by increasing your rate of digestion and raising your metabolism. It helps your organs absorb nutrients from the food you eat, it reduces hunger and water also has zero calories! (Click here to learn more)Remedies Headaches: The majority of headaches and migraines are cause by dehydration and water helps the effects of dehydration, so drink up! (Click here to learn more)Healthier Skin: Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity, so hydrated skin naturally looks younger and healthier. (Click here to learn more)Improves your Immune System: Water helps fight against the flu and can help prevent or aid in treating other ailments like: kidney stones, heart attacks, respiratory disease, intestinal problems, rheumatism, arthritis and much more. When you’re well hydrated your body and you are much happier. (Click here to learn more)Increases Productivity: Since your brain is 70% water, the more hydrated you are the more alert, focused and productive you’ll be. It also helps to relieve fatigue, by flushing out toxins and waste products. The more of these toxins you have in your body, the harder your organs have to work, causing you to feel exhausted. (Click here to learn more)Improves Exercise: Water helps fuel your muscles and regulate your body temperature. So, by drinking an adequate amount of water before, during and after you exercise, you’ll feel more energetic and also avoid the risk of dehydration. Water also lubricates your muscles and joints, protecting you from sprains and cramps. (Click here to learn more)
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