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Vapur MicroFilter: The Next Generation Filtered Water Bottle
When you’re uprooted from the comforts and luxury of the urban setting, nature’s backcountry can be particularly unforgiving, especially for those who come unprepared. For the exceptionally active outdoorsman or adventurer, there are simple necessities that must be fulfilled in order to survive in the wilderness. Food and water must be found, shelter must be made and fires must be started. At Vapur, we’ve developed a product that no one spending any extended amounts of time traveling through the unrefined land should be without: the Vapur MicroFilter.The Vapur MicroFilter is a filtered water bottle that has been showered with respectable awards from Outside, Gear Junkie and National Geographic, magazines and publishers that know what it’s like to spend plenty of time traversing the great outdoors. We designed and built a filter suitable for extreme situations that met the high US EPA Standards and exceeded the Center of Disease Control’s recommended standards for water purity, because we’ve been there. We manufactured the Vapur MicroFilter to the specs and qualifications that we’d want to personally use on a backcountry adventure and then put it to the test in extreme environments known for rugged weather conditions, limited resources and ruthless wildlife.The Vapur MicroFilter is safe and easy to use. Chemicals, pumps, and batteries weigh down your pack, but you won't need any of those to purify water with the MicroFilter. Simply fill your Anti-Bottle with water and suck through the spout opening like you would on a straw for clean, clear, safe water. In addition, the MicroFilter can be placed directly into the water source or you can also squeeze water through the filter, attached to your Anti-Bottle, to fill another vessel. With the easily folded, super portable, USA made Anti-Bottle, you can stow your filter system to your pack, clip the ultra light system in your duffle bag or fold it up into a spare pocket to make trail blazing a little bit easier.The Vapur® MicroFilter is a portable, light weight and chemical-free water filtration system that utilizes the most advanced ultra membrane technology to safely remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The Vapur Explorer Series MicroFilter is made of 60 meters of hollow fiber membrane packed into a compact casing altogether weighing in at only 2.7 ounces. These membranes are produced by process that melts spins and draws 100% polyethersulfone raw materials. After the membrane is manufactured, the surface is coated with hydrophilic polymer to aid the filtration process. The MicroFIlter membrane has an absolute pore size of 0.2 micron and can purify more that 500 liters of clear water from lakes, rivers, streams and water taps. The MicroFilter also features an auto stop feature, stopping water flow when the pore membranes are filled to capacity.The Vapur MicroFilter is now sold at REI stores nationwide and online at
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Photograph of Pro Team member, Eric Larsen, testing an early prototype of the MicroFilter.

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