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Tips for Making an Old House More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly houses are becoming more common and seemingly better for everyone involved. Eco-friendly houses are a recent development and are usually associated with new buildings. While it is a new development, you can still turn your old house into an eco-friendly one. With a few additions and alterations, your old house can be eco-friendly. Here are a few tips for making an old house more eco-friendly.

Switch To LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are replacing the lamp bulbs for one simple reason, they require less power and provide greater output. Power is one of the biggest ways to join the eco-friendly revolution and you can start by changing your bulbs. On the flip side, you will worry less about your power bill as it will be significantly reduced. You can also adopt the practice of turning off all bulbs that aren't in use. You can also employ other practices geared towards reducing your energy use. The more you implement, the better for your pocket and your home becomes more eco-friendly.

HVAC Systems Upgrade

HVAC systems are a common feature in most houses and play a key role in harming the environment and your pocket.. Older HVAC systems like radiators and old model air conditioners tend to be harmful to the environment. New upgrades have taken the environment into consideration and produce eco-friendly HVAC systems. With smart technology, you can program your systems, setting on and off times. You can even control your system when you aren't home by linking the HVAC system to your smartphone. You will require less power thanks to new systems and use the unit less often. One added bonus is that newer models of HVAC systems tend to help improve the air quality in your home.

Go Green

Adding plants into your home has been seen as a decorative measure, but it can serve to make your home eco-friendly. Plants can help eliminate toxins from the air and improve air quality, leading you to rely less on technology. You can take the green plan a step further and remodel your house with eco-friendly materials. A lot of old houses are made from materials that are harmful both to you, and the environment. Replace drywall and lead paint with more suitable options like Volatile organic compounds (VOC). During your remodel, you can replace windows and doors with eco-friendly materials that can help improve insulation. You will turn your old house into a modern day utopia.

Go Smart

Smart technology is available for almost all appliances and you can make the required changes easily. Smart technology is more energy efficient than others and will, in the long run, cost you a lot less than alternative options. From smart lights to energy efficient appliances and solar power, you reduce your energy consumption significantly. Plus, smart technology tends to come with green certification and is proven to be healthier. Replace as many appliances as you can and opt for alternative power sources like solar power. The more smart technology you have in your home, the more eco-friendly it is, and the better for both your health and pocket.


Get a recycling bin and make recycling a part of your waste management plan. Stop throwing out plastic water bottles and beer bottles, but recycle them instead. When there is a designated recycling bin, it becomes a habit. You will reduce the poor air quality produced by burning or trashing recyclable materials. On the plus side, you may also be able to make some extra money simultaneously. There are recycling centres that pay you for recyclable materials from your home. The more materials you have to recycle, the more money you stand to make. In the end, you are left with an eco-friendly house, without making any major alterations.

Some of the changes you will make may require you to do a full home remodel. When remodeling, it is always best to go with a seasoned professional. A home remodeling constructor will deliver an excellent job and may even have some helpful recommendations. It also helps when you consult the contractor before making any plans.


Turning your old house into a modern, eco-friendly ecosystem is just a few steps away. Be sure to implement multiple changes to improve the effectiveness and eco-friendly nature of your home.

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