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How To Stay Hydrated if You Do Not Like Water

Sufficient hydration is incredibly important. If you fail to drink enough water, you could experience dizziness or headaches. Water also provides lubrication for your joints and aids your digestive system. Water is particularly vital during the summer months, as the hot weather could lead to dehydration. 

Luckily, you may not need to consume as much water as you think. While the adage states that you need to drink eight glasses of water per day, this is not the case for everyone. To determine your ideal fluid intake, monitor the color of your urine. If your body has enough water, your urine should be pale yellow.

Once you start experiencing early signs of thirst, it is time to stop for a drink. Yet downing water all day long can get kind of boring. If you are not a big fan of water, you can still stay hydrated by consuming these other items.

Coffee and Tea

At a coffee tasting, you can stay hydrated while having fun with your friends. The caffeine in coffee and tea may act as a mild diuretic. However, when you drink these beverages, you will still take in more fluid than you lose.

Still, too much caffeine could cause your body to release excess water. If you are a coffee fanatic, switch to decaf after your first few daily cups.


You can satisfy your hunger and give your body necessary fluids by having soup for lunch or dinner. The soup should be either vegetable-based or clear. You can easily find soup in your local grocery store, or you can even make your own. During the summer, try a cold soup such as gazpacho.

Vegetables and Fruits

Hydration is yet another reason to eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Nearly all vegetables are made primarily of water. The only exceptions are potatoes, corn and peas. While cucumbers have the most water content, broccoli, spinach, celery and cauliflower are great options, too.  Water is also present in all fruits, particularly kiwis, cantaloupe, oranges and strawberries.

You could also add fruits to your water to make it more enjoyable. Even a small chunk of fruit can make a big difference in the flavor. You could also add a splash of your favorite fruit juice to your water bottle. While juice alone can also give you the hydration you need, it also contains unhealthy sugars. By putting a small amount of juice into your water, you can get the taste of your favorite fruit without the extra calories.

Flavored or Bubbly Water

Indeed, there are plenty of ways to make your boring glass of water more exciting. You could opt for bubbly beverages such as seltzer. Be sure to read the labels before purchasing any of these drinks. Some of them may contain a lot of calories. You could also buy your own soda-making machine that lets you carbonate beverages from the comfort of your home.

Spices and herbs make great additions to water bottles, as well. You can even switch up the flavors you use based on the season. For instance, thyme is ideal for the summer, and cinnamon will warm up the body in the winter. Meanwhile, mint water is refreshing at any time of year.

Your body will not function properly if you are dehydrated. While drinking lots of water will hydrate your body, this is not your only option. Many beverages, fruits and vegetables contain water. You can even add bubbles or spices to your water bottle or pitcher. You thus should not let a dislike of regular water stop you from getting the fluid you need.

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