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The Eclipse: A Celestial Gift
Written by Vapur Pro Team member, Laura Bylund.

Vapur has changed my life. There I said it. It has fundamentally altered and facilitated daily hydration in the outdoors in a way I would never think such a simplistic product would or even could.

I remember when I got my first bladder-like product and thought how incredibly it had revolutionized the sport of alpine climbing. The idea that you could hydrate through a gigantic hose-shaped straw whilst on the move and not spill all over yourself was relieving. The notion that there was no longer a need to expel time and energy taking off your heavy backpack or twisting and contorting your body to reach a bottle in the side pocket was almost titillating.Reality struck when bladders started to puncture, pop or leak at the hose inlet, wasting precious water supply, soaking my belongings and now rendering an important piece of gear useless and dead weight. Even if I was lucky enough to have one that lasted, the horrendously involved cleaning process made me simply want to throw it away and buy another one. After a while, I decided that my time was worth more money than the product.

It was back to rigid, clunky, wide-mouth, spill-all-over-yourself-if-you-were-anything-but-still water bottles... That is, until a little gem by the name of Vapur came along. The lightweight, slim, collapsible body and built-in clip makes it perfectly attachable to any harness or pack and therefore accessible. The well-designed SuperCap is easy to open and drink out of even while moving. Throw in the fact that you can hand-wash the cap with ease and simply put the rest in the dishwasher, and there comes that good ole giddy feeling again.

This month, to further titillate the outdoor enthusiast, Vapur will unveil a product of astronomical proportions. Behold the Vapur Eclipse; a bold new look, feel and function for the Anti-Bottle. The Eclipse series comes in two natural colors, Olive and Night Blue, with a matte finish that provides a softer feel, yet is made out of the same durable materials as the Element and other lines. Hardcore adventurers will further enjoy an improved SuperCap for 2013 with increased strength and durability, as well as a lower profile and tighter closure.I can't help but wonder what’s next for Vapur. What astronomical feat will they come up with? Perhaps an anti-GRAVITY-bottle. Every rock climbers dream... gear they don’t have to worry about dropping. :-)

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