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BPA Has Got to Go! Switch to BPA Free Water Bottles
When looking for a water bottle, there can seem to be no end of sippers, jumbo mugs, tumblers and canteens lining the aisle and, in these vast options, there’s no way to miss those with stickers and labels that cheer, "BPA FREE!" Vapur is proud to be among these brands in the movement to make BPA free water bottles .What exactly is the point of going BPA free and what does BPA even mean? Well, we’re glad you asked! Unless you're a well-studied chemist or industrial technologist (we know you're out there!), BPA probably has no substantial meaning to you, except that you know it’s not good for your body. And, that it's not in Vapur products.In a nutshell, BPA is short for the chemical Bisphenol A. The food and beverage industries have been using BPA to make a clear, hard plastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate plastic is used to make reusable consumer products, like water bottles, and can also be used to provide a clear, protective liner in metal cans. Since the 1960s, BPA has been used with approval from the FDA. While it is possible to be exposed and ingest BPA through the air, dust and water, most human exposure happens through consuming food and beverages that have had contact with BPA. Plastic tableware, food storage containers, water bottles and baby bottles can easily leech BPA into your food and water under certain conditions. Certain types of cans can also leech BPA into food through the internal epoxy resin coating.However, with recent studies showing a dramatic increase of BPA levels within the human body over the years, governing organizations have decided to research the lasting effects of BPA toxicity further. While not harmful in very low levels, the FDA has shown growing concern over BPA toxicity , especially in infants and children. Recent studies have shown that BPA, in large amounts or repetitive, consistent exposure, can have negative side effects on the brain, reproductive system, as well as on a developing fetus. As of July 12 2012, due to these studies, the FDA mandated that all baby bottles and sippy cups must be BPA free.With recent studies and growing concern, Vapur proudly uses BPA free materials in building every one of our hydration vessels and products. We respect and support consumers that want to make educated decisions that lead to healthier lifestyles. At the end of the day, our goal at Vapur is to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated, and by offering only BPA free products, that’s exactly what we’re able to do.
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