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The Art of Drinking Water: Tips for a Happily Hydrated Body

Drinking water is considered to be a very essential activity for the human body. Water forms an essential part of the body with close to 80 percent of the body's composition being water. Cellular components in the body rely on water for survival and proper functioning. A well-hydrated body remains healthy and nourished with the body attaining the ability to fight most infections. Water is essential in maintaining immunity in the body and facilitating the loss of excess weight from the body. The article will cover the tips for a happily hydrated body.

For the body to remain well hydrated, several essential tips should be followed.

Tips for a happily hydrated body

First, having the right posture and sitting position is essential while taking water. For the body to be well hydrated, one should always sit in a comfortable position. This ensures that water moves down the digestive system in the right manner to prevent any chocking or congestion in the digestive system. Sitting down also gives the body the appropriate space to absorb the water fully to ensure that it is well hydrated.

Secondly, water should be taken in small sips and amounts then taking breaths between the sips. This ensures that the body is given time to digest the water taken in. “Taking water in large chunks is highly discouraged because the body may not use all the water taking in which may result in dehydration,” says Jessica Reese, health writer at Custom Essay Writing Service and  Medical Writing. Taking water in large chunks may also congest the digestive system which may hinder the process. For the body to stay hydrated, an individual should take in small amounts of water throughout the day. Taking large chunks is highly ineffective as most of the water runs through the body and gets excreted. Taking small amounts gives the process of digestion time to take place effectively. It is highly advisable to consume water that is at room temperature. Warm water should also be taken regularly as it plays a huge part in ensuring that the body remains hydrated for a long period. It is however discouraged for individuals to take in very cold water. Cold water is said to extinguish the digestive system which may lead to congestion and improper digestion. The proper way of drinking water to ensure that the body is hydrated is taking in water in small amounts. It is advised that one should consume up to 50 percent of the food. An additional 25 percent of water should be added, however, in small chunks. The remaining 25 percent should be left empty to give space for the process of digestion. If one takes too much food and water, the little room for digestion initiates the process of excretion which may lead to most of the food being excreted which will leave the body malnourished and dehydrated. Checking the amount of water taken before and after meals is very essential. Small amounts of water should be taken before and after meals so that digestion may be given space to take place.

A person should always take in water when they are thirsty. Taking water at this time means that the need of the body is being met. “The difference in the nature of human beings breaks the rule that one should take in eight glasses of water every day to remain hydrated,” says Ashley Mitchell, Health and Wellness Editor at BeeStudent and Paper-Research. Different people have different sizes which mean that different people have different needs when it comes to keeping their bodies hydrated. For example, a person with over 100 kilograms will require more water compared to a person with less than 50 kilograms; the difference in weight automatically results in a difference in the hydration needs of each individual. For this reason, every person is advised to take in water in portions throughout the day whenever they are thirsty. This ensures that they quench their thirst and their bodies remain hydrated. Finally, it is very critical to understand when the body is hydrated and when not hydrated. For example, when the body is hydrated, the urine tends to be clear. However, when there is not enough water in the body the urine tends to be dark or yellow and the lips are usually dry.

In conclusion, water is a very important component of the human body. Most of the basic processes in the body that support life depend on water. Maintaining hydration in the body plays a fundamental role in maintaining good and proper health. Water should be taken in small chunks throughout the day to quench thirst so that the body remains hydrated and healthy.

Author bio:

Paul Bates is a lifestyle writer at SwiftPapers and DedicatedWriters having written hundreds of articles. He also contributes to several educational publications including EssayTask and ResearchAid.


Bernier, J. (2013). The Art of Drinking Water. Ayurvedic Tips for a Happily Hydrated Body, 1(1), 1-5.


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