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Do college students drink enough water?

When you enter college, you take the first step to your adult life. But with all freedom and fun you get, you should also think about important things like paying your loan, performing well academically, working, meeting deadlines, managing your relationships, and stay healthy. While you can always send a request, «Please, help write my essay for me» to a professional service like, thus solving problems with studies, there can be a lack of time when it comes to your health. One of the most common problems becomes dehydration: it is easy to handle but forgotten for some reason. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of keeping water balance and some important tips.

Why water matters for students 

With all the workload you have in college, there is no surprise you would rather pay people to do homework or find the resources where you can order essay online. There is also no wonder that you forget about such important habits as sleeping well, eating healthily and drinking enough water: you just don't have time for that. However, water is a very important part of our organism: it is the essential nutrient, the level of which should be constantly maintained. Many students think that drinking coffee, tea, or soft drinks can substitute water, but they are wrong. With these products, you become even more dehydrated, which may lead to negative consequences.

Why is drinking water important in college? When you are studying at night (science homework help) or performing a lot of assignments during the day, you can feel fatigued quite quickly. It happens because around 90% of our brain is water, and when we don`t replenish the balance, our mind and body cannot function normally. According to statistics:

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