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Smart Water Bottles That Remind People to Drink

One of the most crucial things a human needs to do to survive is to drink water and stay hydrated. It is something that cannot be forgotten. In today's busy world, sometimes people need to be reminded to hydrate. With current technological advances, water bottles can alert a person when it is time to drink more water. 

How They Work

The way these smart water bottles work is through sensors placed in various places within them that sense when the movement and the amount of water inside. In addition, there will be a timer that goes off through light or a sound that may be simply attached to the water bottle itself or synced with the individual's smartphone through an app.

These water bottles come in a variety of styles and prices. The technology used is advanced, which creates a higher price tag, but in the end, the benefits make it worth every penny. 

The Benefits

When people are properly hydrated, they find that their body works properly; not only that, but the brain functions accordingly, as does digestion. In addition, people will find that when they are well hydrated, they are also cleansing their bodies of toxins, increasing their energy. It is said that up to twenty-five percent of adults are dehydrated, which will cause their minds and bodies to not run at their peak performance.

Smart water bottle's most significant benefit is relatively apparent: they remind people to stay well hydrated. It is an excellent tool for those who may be busy and easily forget to drink water throughout the day. They do not always have to put water in. When a person is at the gym, they could put a sports drink in these water bottles if they’re thinking about how to get electrolytes throughout their workout.

Because many of these water bottles are connected to a smartphone, it is easier to be reminded. They do not necessarily have to carry it with them everywhere they go, but it should be close enough for the app to connect to it. There is also the option for certain types of smart water bottles to adjust the water intake to fit their individual needs.

Different Types

There are a wide variety of smart water bottles a person can choose from to fit their personal needs.

Most smart water bottles have Bluetooth built-in, so it easily connects to a smartphone and uses light to alert the individual when it is time to drink up. In addition, many run off of batteries and are BPA-free. As a result, these water bottles are usually considered mid-ranged when it comes to price. 

Another type is more of a splurge since it comes in separate sections, is made of glass, and is wrapped in a band of silicone. Many sporty people may go for these types because of the electric tracking located at the bottom of the bottle. It connects to a smartphone or a smartwatch. With these pricier water bottles, a person can easily adjust according to activity level, weather, and more.

People may also choose their smart water bottle based on how they look and how well they remind them to hydrate. For example, some water bottles are made of marble lids with stainless steel bodies. They may also look for a variety of color options available. Others may look for the best price and want the simplicity of being reminded to drink water. Finally, smart water bottles are easy on the wallet but will still light up to remind them to hydrate.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important to maintaining a well-functioning body and mind, and a smart water bottle can aid in maintaining that.

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