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3 Enjoyable Ways to Spend Time Outdoors

Finding activities that are not only fun but also beneficial for your health can feel difficult, especially if you are already overwhelmed by many different frustrations. Thankfully, an excellent way to spend your free time is right outside your front door.

Going out into nature and taking in all the sights and sounds of the world around you is a great stress reliever and a source of many exciting activities. Thinking carefully about what plans you make can help you enjoy this time to the fullest.

1. Take a Walk

Spending time in nature can help you to relax after a particularly long or stressful day. While you may assume you need some kind of special gear or outfits for activities, you may only need sneakers as you walk around your neighborhood or a local park.

You could find friends or family to go with you and talk to while taking a path through the gorgeous trees and flowers surrounding you. Not only can you do this any time of year, but you can see different flora and fauna whether it is cold or warm out. Spending time by yourself can help you calm down and may even give you artistic inspiration for crafts or paintings.

Taking a water bottle along with you is a great idea if you are planning to go for over a mile. Many public parks have bike riding paths and open areas for walking purposes. Going out early in the morning is a good way to have some quiet time and soak in all the surrounding nature and plants.

2. Play Sports With Friends

There's no better way to enjoy a nice day outside than to ask other people to join you for a game. One way to involve loved ones of all ages and interests is to ask them to play a sport together. Popular ones like baseball and basketball can be fun if the weather is nice and you have a wide open area to use. Other sports require less room, which can be helpful if you are in a backyard or smaller space than a wide-open field.

Whether you choose to bring a Franklin pickleball paddle or a volleyball net, having multiple options and pieces of equipment can help when the group is trying to settle on one game that everyone will be excited to play. Younger players can learn the rules from older family members who have played before, which can help you all spend a fun day together out in the sun.

3. Rest and Relax

While you may sometimes want to get up and move, other times, taking it slow is the best choice for the moment. Being outdoors for even two hours a week can help you feel less stressed and more focused. After a rough day, you may not want to exercise or spend more energy running around.

Pulling up a chair and listening to the sounds of the birds and leaves rustling around you can help you find peace even when you feel overwhelmed. It can also help you clear your mind and prepare yourself for the next day. This kind of refreshing activity is one way to break up the monotony of daily life, especially if you are surrounded by a lot of technology.

You could sit or lay down anywhere, either out on your porch when it's clear and calm weather outdoors or in a park on a blanket so you can look up at the stars. Closing your eyes and focusing on the sounds of nature around you can give you a much-needed way of getting rest.

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