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Quencher buddies – Keeping Kids Hydrated with Collapsible Water Bottles
fun collapsible water bottleOftentimes parents find themselves in the unhappy task of scavenging the back of kitchen cupboards or garage shelves to find an old, dusty water bottle for their children's last minuet school or sports activity; only to have it lost, broken, or thrown away carelessly long before making it back home. But hey, at least it isn't cluttering the garage anymore.If finding a water bottle proves a fruitless adventure then it's off to the grocery store, buying expensive water in wasteful plastic containers, despite the fact that tap water right from home would work just as well. Vapur changes that with their "Quenchers" this collapsible water bottle comes in loveable,child friendly designs, colors, and sizes. Featuring a choice of colorful critters, "Quenchers" comes with stickers that children can use to personalize their bottle, making it their possession, and not just a boring throw away container. The plastic is not only colorful and dishwasher safe, but BPA free, and light and easy to handle for small hands and compact lunch boxes.The secure clip on the side makes carrying easy and these soft bottles will stand up when full so as not to fall over and spill, but will also collapse and pack out easily once emptied, becoming small enough to store in crowded backpacks, or cluttered kitchen drawers.Vapur's collapsible water bottle is less likely to break or crack, and the caps are made specifically for the purpose of keeping your child's drinks clean and safe, providing several options for lids including; sports caps, screw caps, and dust shields.Kids will enjoy their own personalized bottles and their ability to carry their own water on trips with school or family. Since they are going to get used constantly, these collapsible bottles are sturdy, easy to carry, and effortless to clean. Using these colorful, containers with your kids will encourage them to collapse and pack up when they're finished, leaving the earth better than they found it. Fun and personalized, vapur offers a long lasting, healthy way to make sure children stay hydrated and encourage responsibility and respect for their environment.
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