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How You Can Keep Your Healthy Routine Going Into The Weekend

Many of us have our weekdays planned to the “T.” However, when the weekend comes around, the desire to relax, spend time with friends, and let loose can make us forget about the structure that is so important from Monday to Friday.

While it is okay to relax, that more lax attitude can often lead us to unhealthy behaviors that may quickly escalate if they are not corrected. We are here to help with some tips for how you can still have a blast this weekend while also keeping your well-being in check. 

Importance Of A Healthy Weekend

It is very tempting to clock out at the end of the day on Friday and then sit around and lounge all weekend. Although some of that is okay, it is important that you continue to keep your health a priority on Saturday and Sunday. Remember that disease and sickness do not take any days off, so if you want to stay strong, retain your energy, and potentially live longer, then you need to transfer some of those healthy lifestyles over into the weekend.

The key is to cultivate a balance of happiness and healthy habits, and that can start with your diet. Yes, it is okay to try the hottest new restaurant in town on Saturday night. It is also okay to have a slice of their famous pie. However, you need to surround that choice with healthy options. Take the time to look at the restaurant menu before you leave so you aren’t put on the spot when it comes time to order. Prioritize meals that contain vegetables, protein, and whole grains.

A great trick to avoid temptation is to do your grocery shopping for the week on Saturday morning. That way, you will have a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator all weekend, and if you get hungry, you have what you need to make a healthy meal at home. While you are trying to stay healthy, you should still make sure to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner because skipping meals may leave you so famished at dinner time that you may eat something that you regret.

Physical Activity

While many of us love the idea of being couch potatoes all weekend, it is necessary to get up and move whenever possible. If you typically exercise during the weekdays, then you will want to carry that regimen over to the weekends. When you wake up, go to the gym or head outside and try to get at least 20-30 minutes of exercise. By doing so, you will not only burn calories and stay healthy, but you will get the boost of energy that you need to stay off of the couch for two days straight.

Remember that you don’t have to stick to only the treadmill to get the weekend exercise you need. Instead, go outside and have an adventure. You could go to the park and fly a kite, walk around and explore your town, go swimming at the local lake, or take a long and engrossing nature hike. Hiking is great because it gives you a chance to get outside, breathe fresh air, and witness new plant and animal life that you may never have realized existed around your area. If you do go hiking, remember to plan ahead by finding the best trail and preparing your gear, including good shoes, warm clothing, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to stave off dehydration.

You can also keep your healthy routine going into the weekend by trying something new and exciting. Ideas include learning a new dance at a class in your community, trying your talents at a climbing gym, or you could go paintballing with your friends to get the cardio that your body needs. If you want to get exercise and hang out with friends on a consistent basis, then consider joining a sports league.

Mental Health On The Weekends

There are many reasons why you may feel drained and unhappy during the weekend. For many, it is not uncommon to have very busy lifestyles during the week and to feel isolated and lonely on the weekend. If this sounds familiar, then you need to make a change before this begins to negatively impact your mental wellness. If loneliness is the issue, then make an attempt to connect with family or to have a friend around during the weekend. It is imperative that you have that connection so even a phone call could help you to feel better.

If you are so overly stressed that you cannot relax at all during the weekend, then you need to change your habits. Start by focusing on getting the rest that you need. You should make it a point to stick to your normal sleep schedule of going to bed and waking up at the same time on the weekends that you do during the week so you can keep your circadian rhythm in order. By getting enough rest, you will wake up feeling good and you’ll have plenty of time all day to do your fun activities.

In the case that you feel that your mental health has not improved, remember that it is okay to talk to a therapist. A practice they might promote is called recreational therapy, and it involves engaging in leisure activities that you enjoy in an effort to help reduce your feelings of depression and increase your self-esteem. It is worth a try if you need the help and you never know what new activities you will add to your weekend adventures.

Now that you understand the importance of resuming your healthy ways even during the weekend, it is time to put these tips into practice. By continuing to exercise, eat right, and focus on your mental health, you will feel refreshed and ready for Monday.



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