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7 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Whether you are flying to another continent, taking the train, or the bus, traveling is an adventure that everyone wants to experience. It is beautiful, enlightening, exciting and many say it turns you into the storyteller after it leaves you speechless. Sadly, traveling can leave you struggling with symptoms of exhaustion, jet lag, and dehydration. This is why you need water.

Do you remember that feeling you get when you pack your luggage but still feel like something's missing? In most cases, that thing is water. H. Auden said thousands have lived without love, not one without water. Traveling creates a heightened need for hydration, so it is super important to stay hydrated during your journey to get the best experience.

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated while traveling:

Drink Water Before And During Your Journey

Your body loses more water while you are on a plane than when you take any other means of transportation. So you must hydrate ahead of your journey. If you don’t hydrate appropriately before your trip, you are likely to suffer from dehydration. You would start to experience symptoms like nausea, dry mouth, and headaches; this is your body telling you that it needs more water.

To help you stay hydrated while traveling, you should take a reusable or collapsible water bottle with you. It makes it easy for you to refill your bottle if you cannot carry liquids through security checks. Plus, it serves as a constant reminder to continuously drink water.

You might deem it stressful to have repeated bathroom visits when you drink water before and during your journey. But look at it this way, it’s a form of exercise that doesn’t just keep you alert but improves your circulation.

Drinking while traveling is essential, especially when traveling to places with hot climates like West Africa. Staying hydrated prevents you from overheating or getting heatstroke in hot climates.

Avoid Soda

The goal is to stay hydrated when traveling, and Soda does the exact opposite of that. Soda and sugary drinks, in general, are very dehydrating. If you take Coke during a journey, you would probably have gas and heartburn, which will not only make you dehydrated but very uncomfortable.

Asides from traveling, regular Soda intake isn’t advised puts you at a high risk of kidney stones because its high level of phosphoric acid weakens the liver and kidney.

Drink Coconut Water

As previously stated, water remains undefeated in the game of hydration. However, suppose you find water relatively flat and want to spice it up; Coconut water is the next best thing. 95% of coconut water is water which makes it pretty effective in treating and preventing dehydration.

Coconut water also contains a respectable amount of potassium which improves kidney health and prevents stones, making it an excellent replacement for Soda. So next time you are about to book that flight or get that bus ticket, do well to pack yourself some coconut water.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables With High Water Content

What better way to hydrate than with irresistible sweet and tangy fruits and vegetables. There are numerous fruits to choose from: watermelons, berries, cantaloupes, pineapples, oranges, and peaches. There are also a wide variety of vegetables to pick from—zucchini, bell peppers, cucumber, and lettuce, to mention a few.

All the fruits mentioned above and vegetables have a water content of 88% and above, so eating these fruits during your journey keeps you duly hydrated. To keep things fun, you can have them as a salad.

Do Not Take Caffeine

Either before or during a journey, Caffeine isn’t a good idea. Caffeine causes a diuretic effect; although this may not cause dehydration, it will cause you to urinate more. However, if you consume more than 4 cups of Caffeine or over 500mg, you are likely to lose a lot of water and become dehydrated.

You might think having Caffeine will keep you awake and alert throughout your journey; it might just end up making you uncomfortable and dehydrated. So cut back on the Caffeine by at least a few cups a day before a trip.

Use Moisturizer

Yes, moisturizers. They do not keep just your skin hydrated but your body also. The skin is the largest organ in the body; thereby, you must keep it moisturized from the inside and outside.

You can lose a lot of water from your skin, so apply a good moisturizer to not just your face but your entire body. When getting a good moisturizer for your journey, you should consider your type of skin, price range, and ingredients. Once you have picked the perfect one, do not ever leave it behind on your travels.

This way, you look good and stay hydrated.

Add Chia Seeds To Your Water

These cute tiny seeds would make a great addition to your water anytime. If you decide to increase your travel experience by practicing yoga, or jogging; add them to the water in your bottle before you head out. It’s pretty easy to make Chia water – soak ¼ cup (40 grams) of chia seeds in 4 cups (1 liter) of water for 20 to 30 minutes.

These seeds absorb up to 9– 12 times their weight in water; this makes them great for helping stay hydrated. You do not have to worry if they taste as weird as they look at times. They form a gelatinous texture in water, so they slide down your throat smooth and effortlessly.

You can spice up your Chia water by adding some sliced fruits, squeezing a lemon or orange in it.

Staying hydrated while traveling isn’t an arduous task, and you can have fun while doing it. All you have to do is follow the tips above. You can always improvise or come up with other exciting ways to enjoy your journey to the fullest while staying healthy and hydrated. So say no to caffeine, grab your reusable bottle of water, chia seeds, moisturizer, fruits, vegetables, and have the time of your life.

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