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GET SWEAT GO : The best water bottles and flasks for fitness and the outdoors

The best water bottles and flasks for fitness and the outdoors

Whether you’re out on the trails or at a fitness class, stay hydrated in style

Water flasks are an absolute must-have, whether you’re out on an adventure or simply heading to an exercise class. Not only will they help you stay hydrated out on the trails, in the gym and at your desk, but they also help you reduce your single-use plastic waste and save you money while you do it.

First up, decide which type of water flask works best for you. Do you want the contents to stay hot or cold, for example? And how many knocks is your bottle likely to get?

Metal will keep your drink cooler or hotter for longer and withstand scrapes, but it’s often heavier and more expensive than plastic alternatives. Plastic usually won’t break when dropped, but it can affect the taste of your drink. If buying plastic, look for an in-built filter, or choose one made from BPA-free plastic. Glass versions are usually pricier and more breakable, but the taste shouldn’t be affected.

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