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Five Simple And Smart Ways To Stay Hydrated In Winter

Water is the single most important ingredient for life on Earth, without it, this would be a barren wasteland. You need at least a litre of water a day for your body to perform optimally. Water makes up to 60% of our total body composition which shows how much importance water holds in our lives. All important body processes rely on the water starting from homeostasis, digestion, and excretion. Lack of water is lethal, and even when it isn't, it affects moods, energy levels, body performance, nutrient absorption and even your body's immunity lowers. Without water, you are unable to properly break down food, resulting in hard stool samples that damage your organs.

It is therefore important to keep our bodies hydrated to promote the best body function possible. Proper hydration has been linked to mental boosts, higher energy levels, high alertness, and more positive attitudes towards life. Even better is that water can help reduce weight and cut out an excess body fat, giving you a lean body to be proud of.

Winter is the most important season to get properly hydrated, even though your thirst reflex diminishes due to the cold. Do not excuse yourself and say that since you are not doing vigorous activities your body does not need water much. It doesn’t matter if you are only doing esports or sleeping throughout winter.  Cold seasons require you to take high amounts of water due to the following facts:

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