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9 Hikes You Should Take This Year (With Your Vapur Bottle)

2021 will be another year to get out on the trails and explore our beautiful backyard. According to travel gear retailer Flashpacker Co, a Vapur water bottle is one of the best water bottles to take on your travels, especially when it comes to hikes and treks.

There are countless hikes, trails, and treks across the country for every type of hiker. If you need help narrowing down your next off-road adventure check out the 9 hikes you should take this year. So fill your Vapur bottle, load your pack, and set out for a day in the great outdoors!

Wheeler Peak, Taos, New Mexico

Wheeler Peak is the highest point in Taos and one of the best ways to take in New Mexico for miles in every direction. The first part of the hike to Williams Lake is easy. The lake itself is a beautiful crystal blue and a fantastic stop for snacks and sunbathing. Beyond here the hike gets progressively more difficult with rocky terrain and switchbacks. Once you break through the tree line it all becomes worth it thanks to the incredible views as far as you can see in every direction. 

High Divide Loop, Olympic National Park, Washington 

Explore the lush green, misty, and mysterious Hoh Rainforest, one of the largest rainforests in the US. This 18 mile loop will take you past waterfalls, rivers, and streams and it's one of the most incredible opportunities to take in the diverse and thriving vegetation of an old growth forest. Along the way you’ll also enjoy scenic views of Mount Olympus and other peaks. Soak up the vibrant strum of life where bears and elk roam free and fish fill the streams and lakes. This hike is moderately difficult and the fall is typically the best time of year to visit when the leaves are changing. Snow persists on the trail into mid-July. 

Clouds Rest, Yosemite National Park, California

Take in the entirety of the epic Yosemite valley from Cloud’s Rest. This 14 mile round trip hike takes you up a stairwell of rocks leading to a precarious top. A 3,000 ft. drop on either side and no handrails greets you! Keep moving, don’t look down, and watch your footing and you’ll be just fine. And the views at the end will be worth it. Not only is the entire Yosemite valley laid out in front of you but the famous Half Dome looms ahead. This epic view is the best way to take in the massive Half Dome rock formation. 

West Rim Trail, Zion National Park, New Mexico

You have to take a shuttle to get to the starting point of this hike. Most hikers recommend arranging your ride at least a day in advance or more during busy seasons. Your elevation will drop more than 3,600 ft. over 16 miles as you walk along the edge taking in the canyons and changing colors of the landscape. Soak up this incredible topography through white cliffs and the Zion canyon. The hike passes Angel’s Landing (another amazing hike itself) and you conclude in the main area of Zion Park when finished. 

Brown’s Lake, Buena Vista, Colorado

This 12 mile round trip hike offers some of the most incredible and expansive views of the Rocky Mountains. You’ll pass by an epic waterfall and beautiful streams on the way to the picturesque mountain lake nestled in the mountains that greets you at the end. The falls are a top destination for lunch and popular among families. Once you pass that section of the trail traffic will thin out. 

Alice Lake Trail, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

This trail is located in Sawtooth National Forest about 20 miles south of Stanley, Idaho (year round population of 69) on Highway 75. This hike offers a unique collision of alpine and desert terrain as you battle through the sandy and rocky terrain and the alpine forest to experience breathtaking valley views. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor when you summit the trail alongside Alice Lake nestled between several jaw-dropping craggy peaks referred to as the “Dragon’s Back”.

Kebler Pass, Crested Butte, Colorado 

This hike is particularly recommended in the fall. It’s also great for trekkers of any skill level with a light difficulty rating and a relatively short distance. Head out in the fall to take in the most incredible display of Aspens and fall colors you’ll ever see. The valley is ringed with massive mountains offering an amazing view no matter which direction you look. This region is known for the largest Aspen forest in Colorado so be sure to add this one to the itinerary this fall. 

West Canyon Trail, Lake Powell, Utah

Ponder your space in the universe in the shadow of the sacred Navajo Mountain while winding your way through the enormous cliff faces lining the slot canyon. You’ll trek past waterfalls, through streams and creeks, and take in the soaring sandstone walls while taking in the stunning sheer rock faces of Lake Powell. Depending on the water level this hike can vary greatly in distance, but is typically 5-7 miles roundtrip. When the water is high you can boat more than 6 miles into the slot canyon before reaching the sandy high water line.

Beehive Trail, Acadia National Park, Maine.

If you’re not afraid of heights, the thrilling rock scrambling of The Beehive Cliffs Trail in Acadia National Park is just for you. Despite benign just 2 miles in length this is a strenuous hike and covers over 450 feet elevation gain. You work your way straight up the cliff face using granite steps, iron climbing rungs and several handrails to summit the exposed rock scrambling sections. At the top you’re rewarded with stunning views of Sand Beach and Great Head. This is an ideal hike for fall to take in the incredible views when the leaves are changing colors

Author Bio

Jason Kraemer is the co-founder of Flashpacker Co. When he’s not testing the coolest travel gear you can find him searching for the best beaches, the tastiest tacos, or the most exciting dive sites. Find the coolest selection of innovative travel gear in their shop. A vapur bottle can be the perfect companion for your next hike, but if you’re looking for any other gear check out the travel gear at Flashpacker Co.

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