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Drops of Hope: Progress in Haiti

Vapur will be donating 100% of the proceeds from online sales during World Water Week, March 21-26, to build reservoirs in Haiti! Drops of Hope: Haiti volunteer and Calvary Community Church member, Brian Field speaks about the work being done to provide Haiti with clean water:

“The water reservoir project in Lamothe is near completion! This has been such an amazing project where our teams have worked hand-in-hand with the Haitians to see it come to fruition. Lamothe, a community of approximately 700 families, had been getting their water from an 1 1/2 inch pipe that continually flowed water into a ravine. The climb down to the ravine was several hundred yards with a steep winding trail to the bottom - a feat not easily managed when carrying 5 gallon containers of water back up the ravine. Some children would take a short-cut across a pipe that spanned across the ravine and was dangerously high to cross.The project consists of an upper and lower reservoir system. The lower reservoir was built to catch the water that flows from the 1 1/2 in pipe. The water is then pumped up the incline to an upper reservoir which is located in the middle of the community. Several team efforts, alongside the work of the people of Lamothe, helped see this aspect of the project to completion. A temporary solution for filtering the water was also constructed. Taps come off the upper reservoir and empty into filtration buckets. The problem is that these buckets can be stolen or tampered with by desperate or ill-intentioned people.The second phase of the reservoir project will be to find a permanent, enclosed filtration system and install it in the upper reservoir so that the people of Lamothe will have access to clean drinking water without fear of contamination or tampering. A great amount of planning, sweat, care and love has gone into this project and we are proud to say that it was all done hand-in-hand with the people of Lamothe. With the help of the donations made during World Water Week, we are excited to see its completion!”
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