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Drops of Hope: Money raised!
With an incredible $2,000 raised for Haiti during World Water Week, March 21-26, through the Drops of Hope program, we are proud to announce that the clean water reservoir in Lamothe, Haiti will be completed this summer, because of your contributions! Below Vapur co-founder and upcoming Haiti volunteer, Jason Carignan, and Haiti volunteer, Brian Field, tell their stories of the work that will be done this summer in Haiti:"This June, I will join a team of about 14 volunteers who will travel to Lamothe, Haiti to finish work on the reservoir project that we began last year. The reservoir is located in the center of town and our team will be installing a new filtration system and improving the water security for the community. In addition, we will be working within the community to teach them about safe water and sanitary habits." - Jason Carignan"We are so excited about the money that was raised during World Water Week for the completion of the water project in Lamothe, Haiti! With the $2,000 that was raised, it will allow us to install a permanent filtration system on the water reservoir, providing clean water to this community of 700 families! I can't over-emphasize how important this is! A medical team that we helped send last year to Lamothe said that well over 50% of all the illnesses they treated during the week were due to the poor water quality. In providing clean water to this community, it will have a huge impact on the overall health of the people! Vapur, thank you again for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of the beautiful people of Lamothe. We have had the fun part, getting to see their smiling faces and thankful hearts!" -Brian FieldThis project, of course, could not have been completed without the contributions of others. This includes Vapur retailer, Pur2O, a company dedicated to revamping the way people drink water. Pur2O is responsible for helping design and procure the filtration system used in the reservoir installed in Haiti this year.Drops of Hope: Providing Clean Water to Haiti from Vapur, Inc. on Vimeo.
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