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7 Ways to Make Your Holiday Rental Property More Eco-Friendly

More and more people are adopting eco-conscious lifestyles. You may fail to attract more guests if you’re still unsure about going the eco-conscious way. Guests often prefer local foods, eco-friendly products, and eco-friendly accommodations. Besides, an eco-conscious rental property protects the environment and your guests.

Going the eco-friendly way is not as costly as people assume. Small changes that conserve the environment make your property good for the environment. It will also attract more eco-conscious guests. So, let’s look at how you can create an eco-friendly holiday rental property.

Give Your Guests the Power to Control Indoor Thermal Conditions

Heating your rental property consumes too much energy. On top of that, your guests can waste energy, particularly during the cold season. That energy costs money at the same leaves a significant carbon footprint. More carbon footprint means more harm to the environment.

Installing smart heating solutions allows your guests to control indoor heating conditions.

Invest in a digital thermostat. Pair the digital thermostat with an HVAC system. It’s energy-efficient and helps reduce the property’s carbon footprint. But you need to monitor the HVAC and the smart thermostat to conserve energy. Thus, consider working with an NYC property management company to oversee such operations.

Produce Your Energy

Take advantage of natural resources around you and use them to power your property. Trap sunlight and convert it to energy. You can do this by installing solar panels and water heating systems. Or, you can install geothermal heat pumps to heat the rental. Wind turbines are also great.

These renewable energy solutions won’t cost much.

It’s a win for your reliability. It’s a fantastic way to attract eco-conscious guests and protect the environment.

LED lighting 

LED bulbs or lighting mechanisms use less energy than other types of lighting. They use a small amount of power unit to emit light. Thus, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A single LED bulb reduces close to half a ton of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere. Imagine what can happen if each property or homeowner decides to switch to LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are also longer-lasting than other bulbs. This will bring down your rental’s energy cost and energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Equip your holiday property with energy-efficient appliances.

Most appliances come with an energy efficiency rating. Always choose with good energy ratings. They’ll help you conserve the environment and reduce your energy bills.

Also, get appliances that meet the needs of your guests. Buy appliances according to your occupancy rate. If you buy smaller or bigger appliances, you may waste more energy.

Reduce Heat Loss

Heat loss results in energy wastage, increased carbon footprint, and hefty energy bills. Thus, prevent heat loss by insulating the walls, floors, roof, windows, and doors. Drought-proof your windows and doors to prevent heat from escaping.

The insulations may need periodic maintenance. If it sounds like too much work, it’ll be a good idea to partner with an NYC property management company. They’ll ensure the holiday home is rental-ready and insulated.

Avoid Water Wastage

Conserve water through aerators on faucets, low-flow showerheads, and water-saving toilet systems. Also, think about water-efficient dishwashers and washing machines. They’ll help you and your guest conserve water.

You can also save water by installing smart taps, toilets, and showers. Also, don’t waste rainwater. Collect the water by redirecting the rainwater to a water tank.

Part of saving water is routine maintenance and auditing the rental for leaks. Let an NYC property management company help audit and maintain the rental’s plumbing.

Encourage Your Guests to Conserve the Environment

Don’t assume that all your guests are eco-conscious. Encourage them to always turn on the eco-mode when using appliances. Tell them the benefits of turning off faucets after using them. Encourage them to use eco-friendly products. If possible, give them a welcome pack containing eco-friendly personal care products.

Encourage them to shop locally instead of plastic-packed goods. Also, let them access different recycling options.

Final Words

Still unsure about turning your holiday rental into an eco-conscious property? There are lots of different ways to make your holiday property eco-friendly. We’ve just mentioned a few solutions to help you and your guests preserve the environment. Every small initiative you take will help protect the environment. It will also improve your rentability and attract more guests to your property.

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