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5 Tips To Prepare You for Your Upcoming Cold Outdoor Adventures

It's fun to hike the trails in the wintry snow, head down the hills on a sled or skate around on an ice pond. However, you can't run out of the house and do it all without preparation. If you do, you're nose and toes won't be happy.

To get the most out of your outdoor adventures, consider the activity and prepare yourself and others to enjoy the experience. The following are five tips to implement for your next chilly outing.

1. Eat Well

Outdoor trips require lots of get-up-and-go, and they tax the body at the same time. This double whammy means you have to think about what you eat before going and while you're out. After all, the body requires fuel to produce energy and warmth.

Days before you go out, start treating your body right. Dine on healthy, nutrient-rich food, focusing on carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and lean protein. Add supplements like an enriching red superfood to support your general wellness and minimize vitamin deficiencies. Pack plenty of portable snacks for the trip, such as protein bars and trail mix, and have a cooler with sandwiches in the car. Take meal breaks. You don't want to wear yourself out, grow hungry or deplete your energy.

2. Research the Area and Terrain

Understand where you're going. Whether you've been to the location before or not, it's critical to know the geographical structure and any potential obstacles in the area. Map out where you plan to go and learn about any spots you should avoid, such as dangerous paths or hazards. In addition, watch the forecast, paying close attention to the weather forecast.

Find out about local, unique activities or exciting places to visit. Add in some special stops or endeavors. This effort could prove valuable in boosting your fun.

3. Invest in Appropriate Clothing

In warm weather, you don't want to overdress. In colder temperatures, you don't want to get caught underdressed—poor clothing results in discomfort and health concerns such as frostbite and hypothermia.

What is going to work best for your adventure? Do you need to pull out those wool gifts you received for the holidays? Bring layers with you, and have hats and gloves. Don't leave much skin exposed. You want to keep yourself warm so you can focus on the excursions.

Don't forget a backpack to carry your gear, supportable and waterproof sneakers. You don't want your feet wet, and the bag allows you to transport needed goods.

4. Have a Safety Plan

Prepare a safety kit. Life is unpredictable, and you could find yourself isolated. Those winter evenings are challenging, so you want to have a few things on hand just in case. Prepare a safety kit. Have the proper supplies available to assist with injuries or if you get stuck in the cold. If you're vehicle dies, have minor parts to try and get it up and running. If that doesn't work, turn to fire starters and tarps for a popup tent.

Have some form of communication. Remember, cell phones don't always work out in the wild. Bring along a radio, white and two-way radio.

Before you leave, provide a family member or friend with your itinerary. This information is valuable in helping authorities reach you if you have trouble.

5. Hydrate

Water remains pivotal. Drink up before you go, and bring water along for the trip. All that movement and the sunshine can deplete your hydration levels. Carry a reusable water bottle and stop and break for sips. Because you're moving about, you need to increase your fluids. Try to fill up the container multiple times. It might be cold, but you can still sit and burn it off; that water is still essential.

Get ready for a chilly and thrilling adventure in the cold outdoors. To enjoy the snow and experience more, prepare now. Get the right gear, eat well and plan out your trek.

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