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Working Remotely?  You better stay hydrated!

Working Remotely? You Better Stay Hydrated

The key to working remotely (and doing it successfully) is to utilize coworking spaces and coffee shops to their full potential. If you’re traveling the world as a remote worker, it can be tough to get focused and crank out work when you’ve got amazing attractions and new adventures all around you. Dedicated working spaces can help by limiting distractions and getting you in the right mindset to get things done. Bonus: the more efficient you are with your remote work, the more time you have to enjoy yourself and experience your destination!

Staying hydrated is also a major key to success for remote workers (and pretty much anyone). It’ll help you stay focused, lose weight, and it does good stuff for your kidneys—or something like that (we’re not doctors). And the key to staying hydrated is to have your own water bottle. While most coworking spaces will offer water, there’s something about having a water bottle nearby at all times that keeps you drinking more often. 

There are a lot of water bottles out there to choose from, but for travel and compressibility, it’s hard to beat the Vapur Eclipse Compressible Water Bottle. The bladder style may take some getting used to, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a water bottle that can take up less space than this thing. And when you’re on the road with a backpack full of gear, space is always at a premium.

Written by PackHacker.  For a full guide to working remotely, check out the link below:

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