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Why is Bamboo Such a Sustainable Material?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, taking as little as three months to grow to its full size. Of course, its ability to grow so fast and be replaced quickly and with little fuss are just a couple of reasons why bamboo is such a popular choice for eco-friendly gardeners and consumers. To discover many more reasons why bamboo can make a great addition to your daily lifestyle, read on.

Bamboo is Super Easy to Grow

If you live in a temperate or tropical climate and you are keen on growing eco-friendly bamboo, know that it won’t take a lot of fuss or require fertilizer (which is key for those who are keen on reducing their reliance on chemical gardening products). Moreover, it self-generates from its own root, meaning you don’t need to replant it once it is cut. As its root system remains in the soil, it helps prevent erosion. Bamboo absorbs five times more CO2 than species such as pine and releases a high percentage of oxygen into the air. 

Bamboo Helps Farmers Save on Water

The culms of bamboo plants have the ability to store water for long periods, while also maintaining underwater ground flow. Villages that take care of their bamboo forests enjoy abundant, clean water for this reason and in many parts of the world, bamboo forests are being used to battle the effect of droughts. Because bamboo forests are dense, when they are planted around water sources, they help ensure that these sources do not run dry.

Bamboo Is Used in a Wide Array of Consumer Products

Bamboo is a big seller worldwide since it used to make everything from decorative pieces to furniture, flooring, cutlery, beauty products, and even toothbrushes. Bamboo is big in green fashion, too, with a bevy of top brands relying on this material to make everything from shirts and pants to dresses, pajamas, undergarments, and even face masks. Its many benefits include its ability to wick away sweat, its softness, and its insulating properties. Despite being light, it is hypoallergenic and sweat-resistant. Finally, it doesn’t crease—a fact which makes it very popular among busy urbanites wishing to look their best at all times.

Bamboo Helps Sustain Local Communities

Bamboo creates ethical, well-paying jobs for local communities in countries such as Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia. In some villages in Burundi, for instance, community programs are being run so as to help farmers build a more productive, resilient, eco-friendly landscape. Growing bamboo not only provides farmers with a source of income but also helps stop soil erosion and landslides from destroying other crops. In these communities, techniques like culm-segment cutting (which involves growing bamboo from stems instead of seeds) enable crops to grow even faster.

The growth of the bamboo industry is testimony to its eco-friendly, convenient, resource-saving nature. Today, bamboo is used in a wide array of industries, including home fixtures and decór, beauty, and fashion. Bamboo goes hand in hand with growing consumer interest in sustainable products that can help households lower their carbon footprints.


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