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Vapur’s Back-to-School Lunchtime Picks!
Back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity for parents to help reduce their kids' consumption of use-and-toss items. Even with classes back in session, it's not too late to replace the staples of kids' backpacks -- paper lunch bags, bottled water, and paper towels -- with reusable versions that are not only built to last but offer bright, fun alternatives kids will love using. While kids will get a kick out of the bright colors and fun designs, parents will love the consumption-cutting efforts from these simple, cost effective products.

The Vapur Team recommends three products that will make lunchtime as waste free as possible while rivaling recess in its emphasis on fun. Each product is safe, smart and helps families save money and natural resources.



PeopleTowels $6

Reusable PeopleTowels are a small sustainable lifestyle change that kids can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint at lunch, in the bathroom or when sniffles strike. Kids can tuck one in their pocket or clip it to their backpack and use it anytime they would normally reach for a roll of paper towels. We love People's "Love" towel. Check it out here.

Packit $19.95The Packit Personal Cooler is the ultimate lunch bag for kids. It is a reusable lunch bag with the dual purpose of a cooling ice pack. The innovative Eco-Gel liner chills when the bag is placed in the freezer and stays cold for hours to keep your kids' food at a safe temperature all the way until lunchtime. The 2-in-1 design is especially convenient - no ice pack necessary, just plenty of room for your lunch! Available at:

Vapur Quenchers $11.99The Quenchers are Vapur's first series of do-it-yourself Anti-Bottles designed for kids (and kids at heart). Vapur set out to develop a product that kids would love and that would help keep them hydrated while encouraging the use of reusable water bottles. True to all Anti-Bottles, the Quenchers are made in the United States, dishwasher safe, BPA-free and reusable. Each Quencher Anti-Bottle comes with three sticker sheets of facial features and add-ons, so kids can create a hydration companion that’s uniquely their own. Check out the Vapur Quenchers here.Leave us a comment on our Facebook page and recommend additional lunchtime reusables for kids (or adults!). Here’s to a happy, healthy, and waste-free school year!
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