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Vapur goes digging in the Sonoran Desert

We recently received this great story from a happy Vapur-trailer. Enjoy!"Wanted to pass on the praise the Vapur bottle received on a recent field trip. My son took the bottle—attached to his belt loop so always handy but hands free—on his recent field trip to an archeological dig. The water-consumption-push for a pack of kids on a field trip to an archeological dig in the sonoran desert is obviously high so "are you drinking your water? do you have your water?" is a common question/focus.My son was far and away the most "handy with his water" kid there. The convenience of its attaching meant it was never accidentally (or lazily!) left lying around the dig like some other bottles were, its attachment and ease of carrying meant he never had to pawn it off onto an adult to carry for him while he did things (like many other bottles were) and, most fabulously from our perspective, he just folded it up and shoved it in his pocket when it was empty and didn't just pitch it in the trash as many other children—and teachers!—did with theirs!I had told Jet that he could have just left it hanging on his belt loop empty, but he said nah, he liked that once he was done with it he could just put it away in his pocket and forget about it, running around like a spaz or whatever and grubbing in the dirt and otherwise being a 10-year-old boy.Every teacher and parent there wanted one, because all of its other adult-directed good points aside, this is one kid friendly, school friendly, field trip friendly product." -Diane

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