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Vapur Featured in GDR's Innovation Report
Vapur was featured in the Product Innovation Section of GDR's Global Innovation Report! The feature is posted below."The Vapur Anti-bottle is an eco-friendly reusable bottle that can be folded or flattened when empty, allowing it to slot into pockets and bags. The durable bottle can be continually reused and is designed to withstand everyday usage and washing. It can also be frozen and used as an ice-pack. A small label allows the bottle to be personalized with the user's name, while a clip can be used to attach it to the inside of a bag. Shipped in flattened form, the bottles require less space and fuel to transport than rigid drinking bottles. For each truck of Vapur bottles, it would take nine trucks to delivery the same quantity of regular bottles. In addition, Vapur shipping boxes are made from recycled paper board and printed with soy in, using a wind-powerred printing process. The 16oz bottles are available online, priced at $8.95 each, or $29.95 for a four-pack."

GDR Intelligence Report

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