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Vapur at Dwell on Design
Dwell on Design Speaker Panel from Vapur, Inc. on Vimeo.Well, it was the first time the Vapur team exhibited at Dwell on Design and, in short, it won’t be the last! We were very impressed with all the exhibitors Dwell had to offer, including, our booth partner, Opportunity Green. We were amazed with Dwell’s commitment to sustainability and we’re definitely looking forward to developing our relationship further.One of Team Vapur’s favorite parts of this event was seeing people’s excitement the first time they encounter the Anti-Bottle! Shouts of, “that’s brilliant” and “what a great idea” were heard often, once individuals were introduced to Vapur. In the future, we’re hoping to capture these reactions, because, in many cases, it’s an “Aha!” moment you don’t want to miss.Jason Carginan, Co-founder of Vapur, was on Dwell’s Sunday Sustainability Speaker Panel, along with BMW Design Works’ Peter Falt, hosted by Opportunity Green. All in all, Dwell on Design was a great success. In fact, all of the Anti-Bottles in the Dwell store were sold out within the first day of the event, when they were supposed to last the entire weekend! We ordered more for the remaining two days, but, needless to say, we can’t wait for next year!
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