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Vapur 2023 Holiday Gift Guide


A flexible lifestyle means many things to Vapur and we care about finding that work/life balance, enjoying staying active in anyway, whether it’s playing at the park with our kids or hiking with our dog, and finding the beauty in life in mindful ways.  We have put together a gift guide to help our Vapur family shop this holiday season for gifts that will bring joy to your friends and family and help them in their journey to Live Flexible.

Gifts that show love to our Furry Friends

K9 Sport Backpack

When you are on the go with your pup and you need a helping hand, the K9 SportSack will give your dog a lift.  These dog backpacks are great for older dogs and smaller dogs when you are wanting to walk or hike for longer distances.

Vapur EZ Lick Dog Water Bottle

Giving Knox water got so much easier with the Vapur EZ Lick.  We never go on a walk or camping trip without it.  It’s really easy for Knox to use it and the best part is that it folds up when it’s empty. 

Zuke’s Dog Treats

When my dog needs a little reward or entertainment, I love going for Luke’s dog treats.  The minis fit great in our Kong and the chews for all dog types are fantastic!  You can find something for any pup and it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Gifts for those that have Holiday Travel

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack

When your traveling near or far, you'll love this versatile and comfortable backpack.  Plus we love the mission of Cotopaxi and all the good that they are doing in the world.

Fuego Down Vest for Men

Being comfortable while traveling is important and I love the warmth of a vest over a jacket sometimes when it's not too chilly or your inside traveling.  Lightweight and easy to pack, we recommend the Fuego down vest.

Vapur Eclipse

Hydration is important when you are on the road or especially important when flying.  The Vapur Eclipse makes it super easy to get your hydration in without the weight and bulk of a typical rigid water bottle.  I love filling the bottles up before a road trip for everyone in the car and usually bring a few extra too for easy refills.  Or stop at a Starbucks and they will refill it with water for free.

Verso Hike Tight

Another comfortable item for traveling that easily transitions to the trail or whatever adventure are the hike tights by Cotopaxi.  

Gifts for those with Kids in their Corner

PackIt Lunch Box

When it’s time for packing lunches, I have my three favorite brands ready to go to help me out.  I start by packing the Bentgo lunchbox with some of my kiddos favorite items like fruit, granola, trail mix, hard boiled eggs, and of course a PB & J.  I pack my Shark print Bentgo in the Solar System PackIt lunch box with a cold pack if I forget to freeze the PackIT and he’s ready to eat.  Don’t forget about hydration though!  I’ll fill up a Dino print Kids Vapur bottle and now it’s off to school!

Bentgo Lunchboxes

Yummy Toddler Food Cookbooks

When you hit a wall with cooking for your kids, it’s handy to get some ideas from a trusted friend, or a trusted kids recipe creator like Amy Palanjian, aka Yummytoddlerfood on Instagram.  Check out her newest book Dinnertime SOS for some quick and easy ideas!

Vapur Kids Bottles

The Kids line for Vapur is great for toddlers and little kids.  With a cap that is leakproof and works when you suck and squeeze, the adorable patterns are sure to be a hit with your little one.  Freeze to make it an ice pack and I personally always take ours on our holiday adventures!

Gifts that we give Ourselves for SelfCare

Athletic Greens

One of my favorite drinks of the day is my Athletic Greens!  I look forward to it every afternoon when I’m getting that 3 PM lull and need a boost.  It tastes great (best greens powder I’ve had) and I know that I’m giving myself the great nutrients - basically all the vitamins and probiotics too, I couldn’t recommend a subscription to Athletic Greens more.

Plink Water Hydration Tablets

Another favorite water additive is Plink!  When I’m tired of regular water or those cans of sparkling water, I love flavoring and giving myself an extra hydration boost with Plink’s tablets.  Bonus is they fit perfectly in a Vapur Anti-Bottle.  Fill a Vapur bottle up, add a Plink tablet and watch it do it’s thing, then Drink Up!

Vapur Vintage wine carrier.

Self care means anything these days and some days for me it’s a glass of wine with my friends at the end of the week.  Plan a day out with your girlfriends and pack your favorite vino in the Vapur Vintage wine carrier.

Gifts that just bring Joy

Arctic Zone Backpack cooler

My husbands go to bag for carrying lunch to work or food and drinks to the beach is a backpack cooler.  This one holds a ton, has ice walls to keep your items cold, and is comfortable too.  Definitely recommend this one!

Vapur Incognito flask

Whenever we plan a camping trip, we make sure to fill up a Vapur flask beforehand.  It’s great for bringing just a little bit of your favorite spirit to enjoy by the campfire at the end of the day.  Bring a few shot glasses and share with friends.  This slim and foldable flask is the perfect stocking stuffer for Dad this year!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

**Vapur does not get any commission from sales using these links.  This is just to shout out some companies that our team members use and love! And we of course, are fans of the Vapur lineup too :)

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