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Using Social Media To Make Hydration Matter

Using Social Media To Make Hydration Matter

Nearly 80% of Americans admit to drinking less than the recommended eight to 10 cups of water daily, with a national survey of over 10,000 showing that the most frequent cause, is a lack of thirst. While this makes perfect sense from a logical perspective, it isn’t great news for our health, since experts note that thirst doesn’t appear until we are already dehydrated. If you are aiming to be an influencer in the realm of health and fitness, how can you leverage your social media pages to get people inspired about drinking and prompt them to share vital information about the importance of staying hydrated while lowering your carbon footprint?

Focusing on Sustainability

According to a report by consultancy firm Roland Berger, 75% of American buyers value sustainability when making purchases. Millennials in particular are keen on backing companies that make CSR (corporate sustainability responsibility) a big priority. Tap into this sentiment by uploading interesting imagery to your social media sites featuring environmentally friendly products such as the Vapur Anti-Bottle, which is a foldable reusable bottle whose makers aim to stop the proliferation of plastics. Take inspiring photos or upload stories of yourself drinking from this bottle, and utilize hashtags that focus on both health and sustainability. Consumers are inspired by well designed, trendy, different health and fitness products that boast cutting edge tech and have a greater purpose beyond quenching thirst.

Providing Information in a Succinct, Clear Manner

If you are an influencer or health expert, your followers will turn to your site or social media pages for useful information. Don’t fall into the trap of speaking to audiences using your level of knowledge on the importance of water; this is a typical mistake that marketers can make. You have just a few seconds to keep audiences on your page and although tips and articles will help establish you as a leader in your field, you should provide information in simple, clear language, and refrain from getting too bogged down in details. Use a clever infographic to display facts about the importance of hydration. Your readers may be interested to know, for instance, that even mild dehydration can affect their ability to drive safely as much as alcohol can!

Creating a Campaign

Try to get your audience involved in the campaign to drink more water. Find inspiration in some of the most successful social media campaigns, including the World Heart Federation’s #World Heart Day and The Movember Foundation’s #Movember campaigns. The latter was particularly dynamic; it asked men to let their moustaches grow out to raise awareness for vital health issues like prostate cancer and suicide prevention. Challenge your readers to drink eight glasses a day and ask them to send you a photo of them drinking their first or lass glass of the day. Entice them by offering a reward - the Vapur Anti-Bottle is the perfect gift for health buffs who also want to make a difference to the world.

Social media is a key priority in modern marketing, and it is as useful a tool when it comes to spreading a message about health, as for increasing a company’s ROI or upping your follower numbers. Health is a natural concern for nearly all adults, but to appeal to specific markets (especially millennials), bringing sustainability into the equation can up the coolness factor of your campaign. To spread the word about the importance of hydration, provide interesting information presented in a visually arresting manner. Try to get your audience involved in a #DrinkMoreWater style campaign, via polls, competitions, and - why not? - even online games!

Written by Karoline Gore

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