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Using Personalized Water Bottles To Market Your Brand
The Vapur Anti-Bottle: Your Secret Marketing WeaponEverybody loves swag. Everybody.The contents of a "swag bag" generally include gifts that say "Thanks for your time!" and "Here's something to remember me by..." to your clients. In using the right products, you’ll send a positive message and leave a memorable impression. Swag can be used as gifts, giveaways or handouts at tradeshows, conferences, parties and special events. With a foldable bottle, your branded swag will definitely generate buzz.These days, most customers buy on recommendation, so what better way to spread the ‘word of mouth’ than by branding a product that swag receivers will love, talk about and use regularly. Past partners who have branded the Vapur Anti-Bottle are US Bank, NASA, Oakley, Jelly Belly, Tommy Bahama. The Anti-Bottle is one of the smartest pieces of swag you could ever give and it will speak volumes about your brand to those fortunate enough to receive it.The Vapur Anti-Bottle is a foldable, reusable water bottle designed for easy on-the-go use anywhere. With bright colors and eye-catching designs, the Anti-Bottle is the face of foldable, reusable hydration. Vapur Anti-Bottles are a fresh, cool alternative to the typical water bottle because they are easy to fill, carry and store. The Anti-Bottle’s design also lends itself to convenient customization.By handing your custom Vapur Anti-Bottle out at a tradeshow you're actually saying, "I know you've been walking around this convention center for the last 4 hours. Your feet hurt, you're tired of small talk, you've been shoved, bumped into and... you are probably thirsty. Well, here's some water! I'm tending to your human need to hydrate and not only are you no longer thirsty, you’re focused and ready to take on the day. You can also easily use this ultra portable water bottle again and again in all of your travel be it business or pleasure. Oh, and what’s that?! That’s our company logo on that fashionable, BPA free container. Did you know that Anti-Bottle not only keeps disposable water bottles out of landfills, but also supports green habits so that future generations can enjoy this planet as well? Not only do I care about you as a potential customer, but as a human being. Drink up."Who knew that adding your company’s logo on the Vapur Anti-Bottle could say all that?Your brand will be sure take center stage as your personalized water bottles get filled throughout the day and are hung from everyone's swag bag! Whether it's your company’s artwork, logo, custom message or website, the Anti-Bottle will easily become a unique promotional product for your next trade show or a great gift to your employees, clients and customers. With the Vapur Anti-Bottle's popularity and ease of use, your custom bottles won’t stay in that swag bag long! This planet-friendly, practical product will be used almost immediately and for years to come, which means longevity in your marketing efforts and more brand exposure for your business!Past Co-Brand Partners:
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