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Tips For Keeping Your Energy Up for Outdoor Activities

Time spent outdoors can be rejuvenating and increase feel-good hormones in the body. Outdoor hikes, fun at the beach, or an adventure in the mountains can clear your mind and improve focus. Studies find that spending time in nature has a destressing effect and is excellent for your overall health. Getting off the couch and going into the great outdoors takes energy, though. Continue reading for tips on maintaining your energy levels to better participate in your favorite outdoor activities.

Balanced Diet

One of the critical things to know about optimizing your energy reserves is that your diet matters. Simple carbs and high-sugar foods may give you an initial feel-good high, but it won't last for long, and the impending crash will outweigh any of the good the initial feeling did. Reduce the amount of highly processed foods you're eating and focus more on a diet of lean protein, green leafy vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. The sugars in these types of foods are absorbed slowly by the body. Your energy stores will last longer and be released at a more consistent rate, giving you the energy you need to go for that run or hike you've been looking forward to. It can be challenging to get all of the necessary nutrition through food alone. Supplements and other health boosters through USANA Europe may be an excellent place to start. 

Proper Sleep

While you're enjoying some shut-eye, your body is busy taking care of the tasks it doesn't have time for during the day. These tasks include ridding your brain of toxins, restoring tissues and cognitive function. Your body uses non-REM sleep as the time to restock the energy molecules in your body and release hormones that increase your body's immunity to the many viruses you're exposed to daily. Another way to benefit from sleep is by taking a power nap. Research shows if you let yourself rest for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon, it will help clear your brain of information overload and give you the bump you need to finish the day strong. Your sleep/wake cycle is a delicate one that deserves mindful attention. Time spent outdoors will positively affect your ability to get a good night's rest, which will then give you the energy needed to participate in the activities you love. 


Staying hydrated ensures that your body has the electrolytes it needs to function correctly. You lose water and electrolytes when you sweat. Low electrolytes can lead to dizziness, fatigue, and in severe cases, muscle cramps. Be sure to drink electrolyte-infused water to restore the electrolyte balance in your body effectively. While water is by far the best way to stay hydrated and energized, a bit of caffeine has also been shown to boost energy if used sparingly. Consuming too much caffeine may have the opposite effect and disrupt your sleep cycle leading to increased exhaustion. Another drink you may want to be mindful of is alcohol. Alcohol has a sedative effect, so if you're going to enjoy an adult beverage, do so sparingly, and when you don't mind an energy slump.

Visit Your Doctor

If you're practicing self-care and still find yourself sluggish, it may be a good time to check in with your doctor. Hormones play a significant role in your body's utilization of energy. Your doctor can run a blood test that will tell them if your hormones are in balance. If they are not, they may be able to prescribe something to get you feeling like your active self again. Low-iron or anemia is another factor causing fatigue, and your doctor can check on this as well. 

Staying active and spending time outdoors are great ways to maintain good health. Take a look at yourself as a whole and decide if there are areas you could work on that would enhance your ability to be active. Set small goals for yourself, and you'll be hitting the pavement in no time. 


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