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Supplying your body with adequate hydration positively affects your body, mind and well-being in general. Yet, you might not have heard that drinking plenty of water is particularly important for students. The research has shown that students who drink water during the exam score of 5% higher on average. So, how does the proper hydration affect our bodies and minds during the studying process? Today’s article will show the exact positive outcomes of drinking plenty of water.

The effect of water on student academic performance

Water eliminates dehydration

Our body is 60% liquid. So, it comes as no surprise that even mild dehydration results in symptoms like fatigue, headaches, or mood swings. You might feel overtired to edit your college essay, for example. And, although there’s a possibility to buy editing services online from a professional editor at, it’s better to stay hydrated and prevent those unpleasant symptoms. Eight glasses a day is a general rule of thumb, so stick to it to prevent dehydration.

Water boosts concentration

Our academic success depends a lot on cognitive abilities and concentration. They, in their turn, heavily depend on water consumption, as the brain is 75% water. Thus, water gives our brain energy and flushes out toxins, helping it perform at its maximum capacity. Whether you are listening to a lecture of an industry expert, editing a research paper or essays, or are taking an online test, be sure to grab a bottle of water with you.

Water improves physical stamina

Water consumption gives brain energy during the grueling revision sessions. Yet, it positively affects the body functions in general, improving strength, power and stamina. You can stay up longer – for example, when you have to compose lots of English papers. Hydration is absolutely essential for everyone who is doing college sports. Your body loses a lot of liquid during the intense training, so you might need more than the generally prescribed eight glasses.

Water keeps your mood positive

Water affects the production of hormones and neurotransmitters in our brain. Therefore, it influences whether we feel calm, energized and concentrated or stressed, unhappy and tired. This is another reason why bringing a bottle of water for an exam is of great service. Yet, it’s equally important that you stay hydrated all the time, since it makes you more stress-resistant and relaxed most of the time. And staying on a positive note will help you live a more balanced student life.

Water helps detoxify our body

Let’s face it – students rarely have a healthy, balancing life. Drinking plenty of water helps our bodies to get rid of toxins better, thus improving general body functions. It eases perspiration, urination and defecation. It also helps the digestive system, letting us get the most of the food we consume. And getting rid of toxins makes a positive effect on the health in general, improving physical condition, brain functions and preventing more serious health issues.

Water helps you lose weight

If you’re one of those students who’d like to lose weight, consuming enough water will help. Drinking water as you exercise and throughout the day will help you lose extra pounds. And if you struggle to make time for exercising, try the services of an online paper editor. They staff native professional editors who can edit or do the proofreading of your assignment. An academic editor usually fixes the grammar and punctuation in the text of the document and assists with formatting as well.


Supplying your body with enough water helps improve memory, concentration, physical stamina and affect your academic performance. So, be sure to consume eight glasses of water a day or more depending on the needs of your body. 

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