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Sustainable Office: How To Create The Ideal Working Environment On A Budget

If you talk to doctors, they will all unanimously say that the cause of many diseases of a modern person is the lifestyle that office workers lead. The spine, joints, circulatory system, and vision suffer from hours of sitting at the computer. Stale air is harmful to the respiratory system and skin. And ruthless office snacks ruin the stomach. According to statistics, sedentary work shortens life by almost 15 years. So, to somehow compensate for this harm, you need to create the most comfortable working conditions, at the same time on a budget. We will tell you how.

Find the right place for your home office

If you want your home office to be your daily workplace, you need to keep it as far away from the rest of the house as possible for your ideal working environment. Don't plan it right outside the kitchen or at the entrance, because it is always noisy. When family life is in the living room, move the office upstairs. If there are small children in the house, it is best to place the workplace away from children's rooms and even soundproof it with a unique wall covering if the budget allows. The workplace is usually located in the living room. The bedroom is not the best choice - it is difficult to relax in a place connected with work. In turn, the writing desk in the living room does not have to be visible - you can hide it behind a low wall or a bookcase, or even in a specially adapted closet.

Choose budget office furniture

A suitable writing desk can be inexpensive. And an adequately selected budget chair is a guarantee of not only comfort but also health. You can save money by ordering this furniture online. A writing desk is the backbone of any office. The table must be adapted to your body shape. It is worth considering a model with an adjustable tabletop - you can accurately set its position and sometimes work while standing. Of course, the best furniture is covered with natural materials - cotton, linen, leather, or wood. Refuse - it's expensive. Openwork fabric inserts are suitable, providing sufficient ventilation - this is more affordable. If you need a lot of electronic equipment, consider additional space to keep everything in place and close by. For the office, look for HVAC equipment for better air conditioning. They purify the air, saturate it with oxygen and convert harmful substances into amino acids beneficial for humans.

Convert to a single style

The choice of interior design is always an individual matter. For some, the office should correspond to the general decor of the building. For others, on the contrary, it should be as distinct as possible. The last procedure will help you distract yourself from the home atmosphere and feel like you are in a real office. There is no universal recipe for arranging such an interior. In any case, such an office will become your calling card. If you get clients there, create a small corner with a table and chairs where you can communicate freely.

Match Stress Reduction Colors

It has long been known that colors have a significant influence on us. Color is just as important as interior decoration. In a home office, neutral colors are best: beige, gray, cream in pastel colors, and light blue, which is quite cool and therefore refreshing. According to color psychology, green is good for concentration and has a healing effect on tired eyes. It is enough to glance at an object of this color for a moment to feel relief. It is not necessary to paint the entire interior green at once. A few details or houseplants should help. In a home office, you should avoid dark colors: graphite, dark blue, purple, which are depressing for many.

Organize your desk

Think table order doesn't matter? A well-organized workplace guarantees better concentration and saves time. Start with what is at hand. Office utensils, notebooks, flash drives should be placed in special containers or ready-made organizers - on the table or in drawers. Sort documents - for example, by date or destination. You can put them in cardboard boxes, folders, and the most needed ones - on a multi-level shelf located on the table.

Done. It has become comfortable and cozy here. Now you can spend several hours a day here, thanks to the well-chosen furniture and the office's location away from the hustle and bustle of family life.


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