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Staying Hydrating While Doing Yoga

Yoga is about managing body and breath. However, if you’re wondering how you can squeeze a water break or two between sessions, then please understand that when and how water consumption matters, especially when it comes to yoga. Water is essentially good for you, of course, but you would still have to balance water consumption and yoga to where water doesn’t hinder your progress, or make you sick. Here are some great pointers to keep in mind.

Don’t Drink Cold Water

“Although it’s tempting to have a chilled glass of water, don’t do it,” says Louie Cross, a lifestyle blogger at Uktopwriters and Bestaustralianwriters. “In fact, cold water interferes with agni, the digestive fire that helps circulate our life force energy, or prana, throughout our bodies. On the other hand, drinking warm water helps stimulate digestion and circulation, which makes it easier for your body to take in nutrients and get rid of toxins. Even sipping some warm water slowly in a seated position helps your body and organs to relax.”

Drink Before Yoga

Drinking during class is a bad idea. If you’re thirsty during the session, chances are you didn’t drink water beforehand. Your best bet is to try and drink a couple of glasses in an hour before doing yoga. This allows the water to hydrate you prior to the session, and it prevents you from stopping for a water break during class.

Drink After Yoga

Feeling dehydrated after practice? Don’t panic!

After you do yoga, you can have a glass or two to help you fully flush away the remaining toxins from your body. No sugary or caffeinated drinks, or alcohol, right after practice, since those beverages will immediately rob you of any hydration that you have left in your system, and can cause fatigue, cramping and muscle stiffness. The goal of yoga is to feel focused and energized; therefore, stick with water.

Drink Water Regularly

“Drinking water is a given,” says Jude Davey, a sports blogger at Bestbritishessays and Revieweal. “Drinking water every day is essential, so that you’ll be well-prepped for things like yoga. You can even incorporate natural flavors like lemon, berries, cucumber, or ginger in your water to make it taste better, while still keeping you hydrated.”


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