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Simple Steps Toward an Eco-Friendly Office

Few changes in the workspace are enough to feel good at and after work. You can do something yourself or give this entire list to an office manager or supervisor. It is also economical: the company can save some money by simply making the office environmentally friendly and significantly reduce the burden on the environment. Here are some simple steps toward an eco-friendly office:

The importance of hydration

Start by installing a water cooler in your office. Fatigue, frequent headaches, and chronic hunger in the office are often associated with a lack of fluid in the body. It has been proven that daily consumption of at least two liters of clean water has a beneficial effect on labor productivity and improves overall health.

Organize the collection of waste paper and batteries

Putting up collection boxes and signing them is a great idea. Such waste is not thrown into general trash but deposited in designated places. For example, in large offices, employees even place containers for unwanted textiles, plastic, and glass. Just find out in advance where and how it will be easier for you to recycle it. Look at the collection points for recycling materials in your area.

Plants in the office

Bring or purchase potted plants. The more, the better. At the same time, it is also good to take care of them on your own. So, you can raise plants with LED grow lights. This improves indoor air, reduces electromagnetic radiation from technology, and reduces stress in general.

Use paper wisely

Set up printers for double-sided printing - efficiently conserving paper and, as a result, natural resources. If you are planning to purchase paper, then buying paper products with the FSC label - this is a guarantee of responsible forest management, which does not have a negative impact on the environment and people. Such paper costs the same as regular paper and is sold almost everywhere.

Forget plastic

Avoid using disposable plastic utensils in the office. Have your own mug and plate, as well as several "guest" sets. In addition, glass and ceramic dishes look more presentable. To further save nature from plastic waste, do not buy new cartridges for printers, but refill those running out. Plus it will be cheaper than buying new ones.

For more tips on eco-friendly offices and other similar topics check the report of H2O - Home to Office.

Final word

You can create an environmentally friendly environment not only at home but also in the office. Make your office truly green, strive to use resources rationally and efficiently, and minimize the negative impact on the environment. Adhere to a philosophy based on respect for nature and care for our planet's resources and make your office more sustainable.

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