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Recycling and Reusing at Home: Tips from the Experts

Recycling household items can lead to a cleaner and greener environment. Recycling and reusing items can also help produce less trash that goes into landfills, ultimately harming our soil, air, and water.

Read these DIY upcycling tips and ideas from our experts and keep them close at hand. This way, you and your family stay busy and the planet cleaner.

How can we reduce food waste at home and slow down the climate change?

Urbanites can use food waste reduction methods to maximize the supply of food and to reduce waste and ecological degradation. City dwellers actually have abundant resources available to them to save food for future household consumption, to gather food for charity, and to compost food scraps. Means to save household food include efficient meal prep and meal planning, effective storage containers for leftovers, and preserving essential food items that can be stored in large quantities. Instead of designating food as simply waste, consider donating food to community food banks or local urban food recovery programs.

Daniel Braff from Green City Times™, LLC

What are the best eco-friendly cleaning products to use at home?

We believe in our entire eco-friendly Skoy product line.  The Skoy Cloth is 100% biodegradable and compostable – why not use this instead of a regular sponge?  This one product will save you money and the environment. As far as cleaning sprays, we suggest buying a concentrate to help eliminate bulk plastics!

Michelle Lundqvist from Skoy Enterprises LLC

What are some sustainable lifestyle aspects everyone can incorporate in their life?

When it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, there is no one shortcut but it’s about a lifetime commitment to ourselves to take mindful decisions about how to inculcate a healthier relationship with ourselves and the planet. Here are some of the few ways by which we can create less negative impact on the environment.

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