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Quenching the Thirst for Progress
Great Foldable Water Bottle To Take Anywhere
As more research revealing the downsides of traditional bottled water come to the surface, the need to make advancements in the storage and transportation of personal water becomes more urgent. The health concerns of traditional plastics over time, and the reality of the recycling habits of most people are hitting the environment hard. However, Vapur has devised an innovative solution that will change the way we think about conservation and the materials we use when we are on the move.The numbers are not nearly as high as one might expect when it comes to recycling water bottles. Of the estimated 200 million that are sold each year, only 12% of them actually make it to a recycling center. The remaining 88% are ending up in landfills or drifting in the planet's oceans where they do serious damage to the environment and wildlife. Traditional bottled water also fails to live up to its advertising. There are no requirements for reporting their purification processes to the federal government or any other agency. Independent studies actually reveal that a large number of bottled water companies are actually selling nothing more than bottled municipal tap water. The billions of dollars that are wasted on disposable water bottles each year could aid many people suffering around the world. Vapur has taken this idea and made it central to their company's efforts.
Unique foldable water bottleVapur has pioneered a foldable water bottle that eliminates the unnecessary plastic waste we now see polluting our environment. These reusable items come in a variety of colors and sizes so that they can fit in any carry along or purse. Various models are designed in sizes that range from 14 ounces to one liter. The item has been featured in Men's Health Magazine and Vogue as a product that is making a real difference in the world. These so called Anti-bottles are extremely durable, and they are resistant to punctures, making them the ideal solution for people engaged in extreme sports. The bottles can be customized with original designs that customers submit to the company as well.The lid design for each foldable water bottle ensures a secure seal that does not inhibit the flow of liquids. They can be easily outfitted with clips, keeping the bottle out of your hands as you move along the terrain of your day. Once the liquids are entirely consumed, the bottle folds up neatly to virtually disappear amongst the rest of your gear. For less than $20, the Vapur innovation is sure to quickly become a part of your daily lifestyle.The company also fulfills their pledge to people and the environment by establishing their Drops of Hope program. This community-oriented endeavor donates one percent of their sales and thousands of their products to charitable groups across the globe, hoping that their assistance can help individuals in addition to aiding the effort to make plastic water bottles a thing of the past. Additionally, Vapur has partnered with like-minded organizations to establish the “One Percent for the Plant” program, “The Vapur Refill Station Project,” and “The Anti-Bottle Project.”
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